The “Next Generation” of Baskin-Robbins in the Pacific Northwest

“One thing we know is that Baskin-Robbins’ franchise model attracts a diverse range of entreprenuers – from millennials interested in first-time business ownership to retirees looking to leave a legacy for their children. Our simple operations model and relatively low minimum financial requirements make it an easy investment for people looking to become their own bosses.

In the Pacific Northwest part of the country many of our franchisees fall into these categories, among others. They have been pivotal players in our effort to bring the “Next Generation of Baskin-Robbins” to life as we remodel existing locations and refresh the brand’s image throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Our diverse network of new and existing franchisees comes with progessive skills and ideas that lead to stronger community involvement, improved momentum for the brand and smiling regular customers.

In this article, you’ll hear from real franchisees who are transforming their own lives and families, as well as the Baskin-Robbins brand in the Pacific Northwest every day. It’s a true privilege to work with these energetic and driven franchisees, and we value their passion and commitment to our iconic brand.”

– Brett Freilinger, Director of Business Development at Baskin-Robbins

Ashley’s Story:

When I was a kid, my mother owned and operated a Baskin-Robbins shop in our town of Great Falls, Montana. I grew up in that store and I’ll never forget what it was like to try all the new flavors. When I was old enough, my mom asked me to work in the store as a crew member. Not only was it my first job, but it was my first experience with guest service and I loved it.

My mom eventually sold the store and I moved away from Great Falls, but as history usually repeats itself, I moved back to my home town just as the new owner was looking to hire a manager. I took the job and when the owner became interested in selling his store, I was thrilled, and jumped at the opportunity. In 2016, I signed the Franchise Agreement and started my plan to remodel.

The whole experience has been wonderful. I loved unveiling the beautiful, newly designed shop to loyal guests, many of which have been visiting the shop for as long as I have. The response from the community has been so overwhelmingly positive that I’m already making plans to open a second location. 

My son, 11, and daughter, eight, love that we own an ice cream shop and similar to the days of my youth, take advantage of trying new flavors and enjoying ice cream whenever they want. They are both interested in working at the store when they turn 14, just as I did.

– Ashley Davidson, Great Falls, MT


Steve’s Story

Before I became a franchisee with Baskin-Robbins in 2011, I was a flight attendant and a florist, with no experience in foodservice or franchising. Today, I own three stores in Oregon, two of which were remodeled earlier this year to reflect the brand’s newest store design. I am pleased to say that under my ownership, all three of my shops have increased sales.  Now I’m in the midst of making plans to remodel my Portland location and hope to buy a fourth store in the near future.  

When I first joined Baskin-Robbins as a first-time business owner, I had no intentions of purchasing more than one shop. But when I saw my sales going up at my first location in Gladstone, I felt I could replicate that growth at a second shop in Portland and eventually a third in Aloha.

When I think about what I did differently to help gain traction and drive sales, I can point to one thing in particular: I have invested time and money into local marketing and established partnerships with community charities and organizations. These small investments have paid dividends for me by exposing the brand to my local communities and even more consumers throughout Oregon. This strategy definitely exceeded my expectations.

I look forward to seeing where Baskin-Robbins can take me.

– Steve Leitz, Portland OR

Will and Mike’s Story

A year or so ago – at 24 and 26 years old – my brother, Mike, and I were uncertain what our futures would hold. We were looking for a fun, rewarding opportunity that would let us work as a team, while giving us the chance to influence our own future. We knew that, given the chance, we could set the bar as high as it can go – maybe even higher.

We started thinking about Baskin-Robbins when our friend, Albert, a 24-year old, multi-unit franchisee from Kent, WA, started sharing his new products and promotions for his Baskin-Robbins shops. We could tell that he liked what he was doing and asked him about his experience.

Albert told us what it was like to own a business from a franchised brand like Baskin-Robbins – the one-on-one support, simpleoperations and easy-to-use store planning tools, and strong brand recognition, among many other benefits. We knew there was something special there that we needed to pursue. In just two years, Albert went from owning one Baskin-Robbins to owning three. Watching a friend own and operate three Baskin-Robbins shops was a huge motivating factor for us. We thought if he can grow from one to three locations, we could start out with one and grow from there as well.  

With support from our family, we bought a Baskin-Robbins store in Bonney Lake, Washington earlier this year and plan to remodel the store. In the meantime, we are working to re-engage guests by spreading the word about new ownership, as well as making smaller but impactful changes to the exterior of the store.

We are grateful that Baskin-Robbins took a chance on us, and promise to make the brand, and its guests, proud.

– Will Hundven, Bonney Lake, WA

For more information about Baskin-Robbins franchise opportunities, visit For a list of stores for sale in PNW, text “DISCOVER” to 313131. Data and message rates may apply.

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