New Franchise in Drying Industry Looks to Get Off to Quick Start by Offering Exclusivity

A brand new water damage restoration franchise aims to leave the competition high and dry by offering special incentives, including exclusivity of territory.

The Dry Boys, co-founded by Leo Goldberger and Curt Swanson, currently has two corporate locations in Albany and Brooklyn, NY.

Unlike other restoration companies, The Dry Boys concentrates solely on water damage and restoration caused by floods, natural disasters or some kind of failure within residential and commercial properties.

“We will find the source of the water, we will stop the water, we will extract the water, we will remove the affected materials, we will put in drying equipment, dehumidifiers — we have many different sizes and types of dehumidifiers — as well as air movers or fans,” Swanson explained during a recent interview. “Depending on the application, we might use air scrubbers to clean the air because we’re moving air inside an affected location and we will monitor the location until we have dried to industry standards.”

The Dry Boys will also apply an antimicrobial solution to the affected area to prevent mold, pores and mildew growth, he added.

With so many homes flooded across the United States each year, The Dry Boys is filling a need that many homeowners will require at some point, Goldberger noted.

“Every day in the United States, over 50,000 homes are flooded,” he said. “Every year in the United States, two percent of basements are flooded. Every basement in the world will be flooded at least twice in its lifetime.”

Whether it’s from floods, washing machine malfunctions, leaking or broken pipes, water damage is something that happens every single day across the country, he added.


In addition to its singular focus on drying and water damage restoration, The Dry Boys offers its franchisees something that Goldberger says no other restoration franchise offers; exclusive territory, even during a natural disaster.

The market service area for The Dry Boys franchisees will be around 300,000 people, which is much larger than what other restoration franchises offer, Goldberger said, and even if something like a hurricane hits an area, a franchisee’s exclusivity will not be compromised.

This is in contrast to how other drying franchises operate. If a hurricane or other disaster strikes an area, Goldberger explained, other drying franchises will encourage all their nearby franchisees to flock to that area with their equipment to make money.

With The Dry Boys, however, if a major disaster were to happen in a given area, only the franchisees in that area would get access that business, the co-founder continued. This is because as a corporation, The Dry Boys owns approximately $2 million worth of drying equipment and it can strike a deal with the local franchisees in the affected area to use the corporate equipment so they won’t lose any potential business to other franchisees coming into the area. Their only competition would come from other companies.

Now is an ideal time for entrepreneurs to join The Dry Boys, Goldberger said, because they’re just getting started and have opportunities available all over the country.

Swanson’s 25 years of experience in the drying and restoration industry and Goldberger’s experience starting and growing successful franchises — The Inspection Boys and The Patch Boys were also founded by him — also bode well for potential franchisees.

Goldberger said The Dry Boys franchising costs are lower than other restoration franchising startup costs and the company can also offer in-house financing to help franchisees get started. As an added bonus, the franchise can start off as a home-based business to further save on costs.

On top of all that, veterans get a 20 percent discount.

Both Goldberger and Swanson have veterans in their families and the co-founders feel a great deal of gratitude toward them.

“We always want to give back to those people who serve our country,” Goldberger said.

Veterans usually have an outstanding work ethic, he noted, and can diligently follow a plan, which is what makes them ideal candidates for The Dry Boys.

No Experience Necessary

Franchisees need not have any experience in the drying or restoration industry. Swanson will be in charge of training to make sure all franchisees are educated accordingly.

The Dry Boys has a training facility in Albany where they can replicate real-world flooding scenarios in buildings. Franchisees will have two to four days in the training facility where they go over various scenarios. The training includes both classroom and hands-on training. After going through The Dry Boys training, the franchise will require that its franchisees get certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which is a national industry standard among drying and cleaning companies.

In addition to training, The Dry Boys will also provide ongoing support in the form of continuous training, marketing, lead generation and employee training. The company will also keep franchisees up-to-date with the latest technology in the industry.

Swanson said he will always be available to assist franchisees and while the company is getting started, he will be available to travel to a franchisee’s area to offer support and training on-location.

“We’re here to help the franchisee,” Swanson declared. “If they’re successful, we’re successful.”

Perhaps the biggest indicator of future success for the company, as outlined by Goldberger, is the fact that The Dry Boys operates in an industry where clients have no choice but to engage their services when required.

“This kind of business is a need business,” Goldberger said. “When you come home after work and see your basement flooded, it’s not a question of whether you want to fix it, you need to fix it.”

For veterans and civilian entrepreneurs alike The Dry Boys offers an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a franchise poised for success. 

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