Muse Global CEO to Speak at Sustainable Brands Conference in Paris

MUSE Global, an innovative early childhood education franchise founded by James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis, announced today its CEO Jeff King will be speaking at Sustainable Brands Paris, a conference considered to be Europe’s largest event focused on sustainability and innovation. MUSE Global, which began offering franchises across the U.S. and globally in fall of 2018, will be making its first appearance at the three-day conference to be held April 23-25.

King will participate on a discussion panel focusing on “building an economic and social world that benefits everyone.” He will specifically be speaking on the topic of “How do we give the next generation better assets to succeed (where we’ve failed)?”

“MUSE School, and ultimately MUSE Global, were founded with the idea that building a better world begins by teaching children both inner and outer sustainability at an early age,” King said. “Many people are just now coming to the realization the earth is in dire straits, and that climate change, deforestation, pollution and other issues are truly ravaging this planet. We believe, however, that the next generation can be taught early on how to live more environmentally conscious lives and remain aware of how their actions affect the world around them.”

MUSE Global schools are the first in the U.S. to offer a 100 percent organic, plant-based lunch program, and they offer specialized courses such as Seed-to-Table, Climate Change and Sustainability to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle among students.

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