Military Veteran Paints a New Future With Bottle & Bottega

During his five years of active service, Air Force veteran Jason Prete solidified the foundation for a long-term career in the aviation industry. He learned the importance of a strong team dynamic and how success is best defined by working towards shared goals.

Nineteen years later, this same notion is setting the foundation for success in his newest mission: franchising.

A Military Beginning

When Jason was just seventeen years old, the senior in high school pledged a commitment to himself and his country to serve in the United States Air Force.

Jason served in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic from 1992-1997, during which he spent time in Arkansas and three years working with transient aircraft at the Ramstein Air Base in southwestern Germany.

Piloting a New Business

After serving in the military and pursuing various roles within the aviation industry in Cleveland, including his current role with United Airlines, Jason and his wife, Vicki, have now decided to add another destination to their business itinerary – by opening up an innovative art and wine concept in the western suburbs of Cleveland.

Jason and Vicki had been looking for a business opportunity that would allow them to have a little bit more control over their future and how they spend their time.

Vicki, an application developer and an owner of a number of network marketing companies, already knew the formula for managing an independent business. It was just a matter of time until the right opportunity presented itself.

After Vicki and Jason attended a paint-and-sip class, the positive and relaxing experience piqued her curiosity about the business aspect of the concept – and whether it was worth an investment. After doing their research, Vicki and Jason learned that the Bottle & Bottega franchise was a proud member of VetFran, an initiative through the International Franchise Association that connects qualified veterans with franchising opportunities that play to their strengths. They also soon discovered that to show gratitude for their service, Bottle & Bottega offered a discounted franchise fee for all veteran franchisees. Upon their findings, Jason and Vicki knew it was the perfect business opportunity for them to pursue.

Navigating Success

For the Pretes, one intersect they’ve noticed between the military and establishing a franchise has been the team support. Much like the camaraderie of a platoon, Jason and Vicki have experienced first-hand the family-like, team effort approach that Bottle & Bottega instills within its franchisee network. Each extension of the franchise network wants the others to succeed.

Together, Vicki and Jason are experiencing the amount of time, work and passion that small business owners must put into establishing and running their own businesses.

With an enlightened sense of appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit and the dedication and devotion of local commerce, Jason and Vicki have big plans ahead for their Bottle & Bottega studio, including the launch of mobile events this month and hosting military appreciation events in the future.

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