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Veterans, military retirees and public safety professional have been enjoying the unique experience of drinking the freshest, 100% USDA certified organic coffees available. In addition, the ability to personalize the label on just one bag is something that nobody else is doing. With the combined power of owning a printing company, a coffee company and a shipping center, Military Coffees is able to print the label, roast the coffee and ship it same or next day. Their tagline is “Green to gone in 48 hours,” meaning that the green beans that are imported from organic farmers across the coffee growing regions of the globe are roasted and in your cup within 48 hours. If you have never had fresh roasted specialty coffee (an industry that is growing by 20% annually), you are missing out on a small slice of heaven in a cup.

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Here is a small sample of what they had to say in a recent Veterans Cover story 

Service, sacrifice, dedication and honor are ingrained in the heart and soul of every service member. From their first day in military training until the day they leave the military to pursue a civilian career, members of the military understand what it takes to succeed, persevere and serve. They also understand that the military runs on coffee and has since coffee was a standard issue item in the civil war.

While most members of the military come home unscathed, some suffer injuries while in service to our country. These service disabled veterans are limited in job opportunities due to their injuries, however they retain highly valued skills such as leadership, management and attention to detail learned from their military service. They want to succeed but sometimes lack adequate opportunity in the workplace due to their disabilities.

It is imperative that service members come home and have ample opportunities to pursue their dream(s). For franchise businesses, these veterans hold skill sets that are critical to their operations; skills such as leadership, integrity and risk tolerance, all learned through military service.

There are generous opportunities that franchise businesses provide both individually and through the VetFran program that provide service disabled veterans (and all veterans) the opportunity to own their own business through franchising.

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