Meet Gina Rivera of Phenix Salon Suites

Hairstyling and the salon industry have always been in my life and in my DNA for as long as I can remember. Since 1929, 27 members of my family have worked as hairdressers, so when I announced at eight years old that I was joining the club, no one was surprised.

I moved to Arizona as a teenager, attended beauty school and began to get a new understanding of the salon industry. By 22, I graduated beauty school eager and ready to start my career. After working in salons for a number of years and coming into contact with more than a few people who tried to deflate my dreams, I decided to make a change. With my husband Jason at my side, I decided to start my own salon suite business.

I saw that the salon suite model was a trend taking the industry by storm as stylists look to own their own businesses and start their entrepreneurial journey.

This model provides the salon professional with the safety and security of their own space and gives them the freedom to operate on their own schedule. The salon professionals have total control over their environment and the freedom to sell whatever products they want to their customers. For stylists, our model provides a way for them to enter the world of small business and become truly independent operators.

The Rise of Phenix Salon Suites

I founded the company in 2007 and went through a few years of trial and error, working to solidify a design and look that worked best for our salon professionals. By 2012, we began franchising and have never looked back.

Currently, we have 292 Phenix Salon Suites open and serving their communities. Our suites are located in 33 states spanning from California to New York.

Even during the pandemic, Phenix continued to grow and prove the resiliency of our business model. In 2020 alone, we opened 30 salons and signed agreements for 57 additional locations as well. I believe this momentum will help us reach our goals for 2021 as we continue expanding both domestically and internationally.

We anticipate that by the end of this year we will have signed agreements for 80-100 new locations with new and existing franchise partners.

A Cut Above – the Phenix Salon Difference

I think that our main differentiator is that our salon suites design and business model has been built by a stylist who understands the industry backwards and forwards. When working with a franchisee or salon professional, every step of their journey is laid out in a manner that is comprehensive and informed by industry experience.

Our company culture and emphasis on mentorship at all company levels is something that sets us apart. We also recently launched the most comprehensive mobile app in the market designed to address all the functions needed for both salon professionals and our franchisees to operate their business.

Phenix Franchisees

Our existing franchisees come from all walks of life including C-suite professionals, multi-unit restaurant operators, CPAs, hi-tech professionals, and real estate and finance professionals. Salon experience isn’t necessary to be successful under our salon suite model.

Our more successful franchisees are typically well-capitalized and have a working knowledge of commercial real estate. Many of our franchisees are ready to begin a new chapter in their careers and are looking for a way to diversify their investment portfolios without the burden of a day-to-day commitment.

We actively support our franchisees, providing everything from in-person training to site selection, lease negotiations, construction oversight, operations and marketing. We host regularly scheduled conference calls to discuss trends, updates and new developments for the business and the industry with our franchisees. We also provide training opportunities to the underlying salon professionals to help with retention. We view our franchisees as family and bring them into a culture in which they can thrive and feel mentored throughout the process.

Join the Phenix Family

Through Phenix Salon Suites, we provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to participate in the multi-billion-dollar health, wellness, and beauty industries without the need for industry-level expertise. For the past 10 years, we have built a franchise model that provides step-by-step guidance on how to find the best locations, how to optimize rental space within their salon, and how to attract and retain salon professionals to minimize the day-to-day burden for this semi-absentee investment.

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