Massageluxe: Fighting 2020 by Encouraging Health & Wellness


As a society, we have never been more concerned with our health and wellness. Because of that, in a year when many businesses have suffered and have closed their doors, MassageLuXe has grown.

With locations opening regularly, the now 69-unit franchise that was founded in 2007 is on the rise.

Mark Otter, MassageLuXe’s CEO, has steered the company through a treacherous year, and while the country may still see some hard times ahead, he feels confident in the brand’s future.

You may ask what the recipe is for MassageLuXe’s success. Mark’s response is centered around leaning harder into being a health and wellness company versus one that positions massage or facial care as an indulgence.

“Our brand has always been focused on health and wellness. Now, we are just reminding people of what that means, and the specific health and wellness benefits of massage. During times of stress and with troublesome health conditions on the rise, it’s important to think proactively about your physical and mental health.” Otter says.

That isn’t just happy talk or spin. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been referring to massage as an alternative medicine for years. Massage therapy can help manage a health condition or enhance wellness and even help people with cancer and fibromyalgia feel better, the federal government website states.

It is easy to see why the health and wellness message has connected with customers. After all, if a company could deliver a Deep Tissue or Swedish massage safely during these difficult times, wouldn’t you schedule an appointment? And wouldn’t a massage right about now help you feel better, both physically and mentally? MassageLuXe franchise owners and their employees are committed to providing a safe, professional, and clean environment for their clients, including following the requirements of the local government and CDC. That means everybody wears masks. Hand sanitizer is plentiful. Social distancing the guests from each other is the norm. And, customers leave tension-free, feeling better than they have in ages.

A focus on messaging

Massages used to be seen as a luxury, something that was wonderful and meaningful, sure, but ultimately, not something that you needed to have done. Otter, however, has been making sure customers are reminded that massages may feel luxurious but also provide a lot of health benefits. Something that he believes sets MassageLuXe apart from the rest.

“Our competitors aren’t doing this,” Otter says. “We’re reminding our guests that massage can do wonders for the body, including providing relief of aches and pains and reducing the level of stress and anxiety. And this year, not surprisingly, that’s a message that has resonated with our customers and prospective franchise owners.”

Going forward, no matter what’s in the headlines, Otter says that he will continue pushing that message hard.

A strategic approach to in-spa offerings

Massaging isn’t the only thing that MassageLuXe is prioritizing. The company has taken a thoughtful approach to product and service enhancements that further their mission of providing an unparalleled experience that supports and encourages health, wellbeing and quality of life for its members and customers.

MassageLuXe advocates that water fuels life and has chosen to educate on and promote the benefits of water in any way that they can. Because of this, MassageLuXe is installing water filtration technology, which has a stateof-the-art osmosis filter system to offer its customers the cleanest drinking water possible, which adds healthy minerals that increase hydration. Water can also be used in a massage. All MassageLuXe spa memberships include unlimited 15-minute daily HydroLuXe sessions, a dry water massage table that involves the use of water pressure to apply massage techniques to the human body.

MassageLuXe is passionate about making massage available for all by providing flexible membership options with no contract. There is even a membership that can be shared with a family member. This along with a wide variety of massage and facial services ensure that all MassageLuXe customers receive the healing and treatment that they deserve.

A promise for the future: This year has had its twists and turns, but the future of MassageLuXe is straight in trajectory. Long before 2020 came around, people have been striving to live their best lives and getting a massage has always been a part of the ideals of living a healthy lifestyle. Otter simply wants to make sure his brand lives those ideals and demonstrates that a massage isn’t an occasional activity that people may want to try. Massage is something that people should prioritize and do regularly. If they do, his brand promises, they’ll see themselves become not just the best versions of themselves, but also the healthiest.

It’s a massage-message that seems more important than ever, but one that won’t ever go out of style, even long after social distancing is a distant memory.

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