Leakpro Poised for Unprecedented Growth Throughout the U.s.

When LEAKPRO was founded in 1996, the Automotive Aftermarket Segment of the Mobile Automotive Repair Market was virtually untapped. Today, LEAKPRO is the #1 company in the World that specializes in Automotive Water Leaks, Air leaks and Wind Noise Repair.

The founder of LEAKPRO, John R. Allen, began his automotive career as a Manager with Ford Canada at the Oakville Assembly Plant and then with General Motors at the Scarborough Van Plant. John realized early on, while working at Ford and GM, that Water Leaks, Air Leaks and Wind Noises were a big concern, not only for car manufacturers but car dealerships that are ill equipped and untrained to handle such issues. John had a light bulb moment and focused his attention on learning everything he could about repair processes and products. When the Scarborough Van Plant closed, John knew it was now or never to take what he had learned and start LEAKPRO.

LEAKPRO is a unique mobile, home based business where the Franchisee services dealerships within a geographic territory. LEAKPRO focuses on repairing Water Leaks, Air Leaks, Wind noises, Sunroof and Convertible problems. LEAKPRO services new and used car and truck dealerships, fleets, RV’s, Boats and Body Shops. The business model itself, other than the propriety tools, products and procedures, has a unique trademark, décor and logo.  LEAKPRO offers intensive training, OEM warranty-approved products, factory–trained technicians and provide warranties up to the lifetime of the vehicle. With NO effective competition and the high-demand service, this makes for a winning combination. The business is a low overhead, profitable opportunity.

You don’t need automotive experience to succeed. If you are customer service driven, conscientious, honest and hard working, our intensive 3 week training program provides in depth, hands-on, real world experience with an additional one week of focused marketing in the franchisee’s area, actually door knocking and introducing LEAKPRO to their specific Dealer Network. 

“One key component that really helps is LEAKPRO’s proprietary Technology package,” says Steve Kicksee, owner of 3 LEAKPRO franchises.

Each Franchisee uses an iPad that syncs to the Company’s Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) system to optimize routes, schedule appointments and process invoices in real time. eTools such as online scheduling and confirmation of appointments that sync to mobile devices, paperless invoicing, and mobile payments assist in making the administrative side of the business a breeze. What once took up to 7 hours at month end to process monthly paperwork, now takes less than an hour. This process alleviates misplaced paperwork by dealerships and provides easy access for dealers to locate and process payment. At the click of a button the invoice is emailed to the dealership.  This streamlined process is fast, efficient and lets the Franchisee concentrate on providing the best customer service to grow their business.

Mobile businesses tend to have a lower start-up cost than traditional brick and mortar businesses. Mobile businesses, such as LEAKPRO, have a better return on investment – LEAKPRO offers a turn-key business solution with no lease negotiations required and no wait times for a location build-out.

Mark Lake, Franchisee in Durham says, “The Mobile aspect and the low overhead, combined with this highly needed service is what sold me on LEAKPRO!” No buildings or high overhead, just “a man (or woman) in a van.”

Since LEAKPRO is Approved and Recommended by all Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”), “it has built-in brand recognition” says Mike Tedesco, owner of 3 LEAKPRO Franchises. “I also knew I would not have to sell LEAKPRO to dealerships, because service professionals know the issues and realize the value of LEAKPRO’s services.” Mike also appreciates that while LEAKPRO franchisees are “in business for ourselves, we are not alone. We have a strong franchise network to call upon. We have access to a company intra-net site that provides us with updated OEM Technical Service Bulletins (“TSB’s”) and any updated procedures. LEAKPRO has also recently instituted an inter-company WhatsApp for communication between franchisees. It is a fast and efficient way to communicate with each other on those problem jobs! Dealers make more money using LEAKPRO services and have a higher Customer Satisfaction Rating compared with Dealers who are not using LEAKPRO.”

The global automotive aftermarket industry is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020* while in the US alone it will reach $316.4 billion by 2020**. Today’s consumers keep their vehicles longer and are more aware of the importance of both preventive maintenance and scheduled servicing in order to maximize the lifetime value of their vehicles.

This rising demand for aftermarket services spurs growth and revenue opportunities for a wide range of businesses operating in the automotive aftermarket industry. Michael Murphy-Brown of LEAKPRO Vancouver says, ”My business is up 42% year over year and I need to hire another employee in order to manage that growth. I am also in the process of buying my third LEAKPRO Franchise for Vancouver Island.”

With 15 franchises operating in Canada and two in Alabama, LEAKPRO, as an Automotive Aftermarket Segment in the Mobile Automotive Repair Market is poised for unprecedented growth over the next five years throughout the U.S. and is forecasting 30 new franchises over the next 3 years.

Don’t hesitate, the opportunity is NOW – join the LEAKPRO team and experience the excitement of financial freedom while controlling your professional destiny. Individual, Master and Regional Franchises are available throughout the U.S.!

For more information, visit www.leakpro.com.

* Source V-12 Data

** Source AASA-Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association

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