Leading Fitness Studio Agency Pivots Business Model

The 94 billion dollar fitness industry was completely flipped upside down and headed for the worst when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Mike Arce, CEO of Loud Rumor, a leading fitness studio agency, recognized this and quickly pivoted his business model to help fitness franchises across the country go completely virtual. Within 24 hours, Mike and his team had developed and launched an online course that walked fitness studios step-by-step through how to deal with the crisis and how to continue adding value to their customers to ensure the monthly recurring revenue still came in. 

Loud Rumor’s course gave specific instruction on converting physical fitness to virtual fitness so members could live-stream and participate in their usual fitness classes in their own homes. Fitness studio owners and franchisees were taught which tools to purchase and subscribe to, how to set up the tools and integrate them, email scripts, marketing templates and more. The company also created more than 50 different digital ad campaigns selling these new virtual fitness classes. In addition to the course, Arce launched a COVID-19 specific podcast for fitness studio owners and franchisees. In three weeks he produced 80 episodes of pure educational content on not only surviving but thriving. During this unprecedented time, Arce has also made himself available at all hours to help fitness studios who need it.

Arce has helped over 800 fitness studios, including the likes of mega fitness franchises Orangetheory Fitness, Spenga, Soldierfit, and Jabz go completely virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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