Lamarr Cook Takes the Lead at Intelligent Office, Raleigh

Local Veteran and entrepreneur takes over downtown Raleigh business solutions brand.

Lamarr Cook, a local entrepreneur and IT executive, has taken the lead at Intelligent Office’s downtown Raleigh location, where he hopes to personally mentor entrepreneurs, keep Raleigh’s businesses growing, and provide new efficient modern ways of doing business in a time that is anything but easy.

Cook, a Marine Veteran, has an extensive background leading global IT operations and is no stranger to entrepreneurship. The new Intelligent Office franchisee is also a franchise owner in the Title Boxing Club family. According to Cook, he has always been an entrepreneur at heart.

“Growing up in Detroit, I had a rough childhood being surrounded by gangs, violence and drugs, and I knew I wanted to make something of myself. I joined the Marine Corp. at 18 years old. It was my only way out,” said Cook. “After serving in the US Military, I studied Ethical Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Harvard so I can look back and then I can look forward and help others to be the best business person they can certainly be.”

Cook plans to do exactly that by mentoring business leaders in his Intelligent Office location.

“I’m excited to help the small and medium businesses in The Triangle,” said Cook. “Right now, so many businesses are finding out they can cut costs and focus on growing their businesses.  They want to change the way they are working. In fact, throughout the pandemic entrepreneurs and business owners are realizing that virtual assistants, rentable office space, phone answering services, and virtual mailboxes are the way to do just that. We are seeing those effects and only expect interest to grow here in Raleigh and across America.”

The Raleigh location currently services 170 businesses, including attorneys, consultants, hair salons, electricians, plumbers, medical centers, and craft people. Intelligent Office’s goal is to provide all of these services so small business owners and entrepreneurs can spend less on fixed costs like leases, administrative and IT related support staff. With a variety of virtual services that include appointment scheduling services, CRM database management, to name a few; Intelligent Office aims to help solopreneurs, micro-enterprises and SME’s exceed their goals.


About Intelligent Office

Founded in 1995 and franchising since 1999, Intelligent Office provides private and productive offices and meeting space along with customized virtual administrative and phone answering services so small business owners and entrepreneurs can spend less on fixed costs like leases, administrative and IT related support staff. With 57 locations open, Intelligent Office offers a variety of virtual services including phone answering services, appointment scheduling services, and a virtual address. Intelligent office currently operates in British Columbia,  Alberta and Ontario as well as 20 US states, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. For More information, please visit

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