Koala Insulation Awards Its 100th Territory

Koala Insulation, an emerging franchise insulation contractor, has signed agreements for 67 new franchise territories in the last three months – placing it at 100 territories awarded.

Through the new franchise agreements, the emerging concept is set to expand throughout Ohio, Utah, Michigan, the Carolinas, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania and more states, with sights set on achieving an internal goal of 121 territories awarded by year end.

“Koala Insulation’s lightning-speed growth in recent months speaks to the strength of our concept and our ability to quickly become the dominant national brand in the fragmented insulation industry,” said Koala Insulation Founder and CEO Scott Marr. 

“The insulation industry’s resilience to recent economic shifts makes it a recession-resistant sector that continues to expand globally.”

The Koala Insulation mission is to reduce overall energy waste in the U.S. from one of the largest creators of greenhouse gas emissions: residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The brand specializes in the full-range of insulation options including spray foam, blown-in and blanket (batt) insulation and prides itself on educating clients so they can confidently make decisions on an otherwise opaque home improvement process.

“Insulation is one of the only home improvement processes which helps homeowners lower their energy bills while helping the environment through reducing their carbon footprint,” added Marr. “Our network of franchisees empower clients with information needed to make the best choice, while helping solve America’s insulation issues.”


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