Joey Restaurant’s Launch New Cocktail Lineup and Fresh Juicing Programe

The new focus for Joey Restaurants is on crafted cocktails that are delicious, balanced and fresh, where the quality of the ingredients speaks for itself.

All of their cocktails use juice that is squeezed in house. They have paralleled this with unique ingredients that are exclusive to JOEY including passion fruit syrup, elderflower cordial and custom bitters.

The new lineup includes:
The Elderflower Collins This gin classic is transformed with fresh grapefruit juice and notes of elderflower.
Garnished with a crisp watermelon radish it has some real curb appeal. Passionfruit Margarita Made with egg whites to add a frothy richness this drink is brought to the next level with vibrant tropical flavours.

Blueberry Mojito Blueberry vodka acts as the base while fresh blueberries, lime juice, organic cane syrup and mint. This JOEY original is back for the summer.

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