The Importance of Logo Design in Franchise Branding & Marketing

Every day, we make loads of unconscious decisions. This is no exception when it comes to shopping decisions. As consumers, when we are looking for certain values such as trust and respect, we look for a brand that champions those values.

What has this got to do with logo design and branding, you may be wondering?

Well, a logo should be how a client immediately identifies a brand, so it’s vital that it prompts a feeling of confidence.

Franchise brands must follow certain guidelines. This is precisely what makes them reliable for customers. When you go in a franchised shop, you know what you can expect to find. Designwise, the use of colour is not a minor detail, and nor is style. We can represent the type of service we provide by using a colour associated with it.

Think of a swimming pool company, it will most likely have a blue logo. Think of golden arches and you already know what I’m talking about without even having to name the brand… More often than not, logos with a simple design are far more popular amongst well-known brands.

Creating the logo design is just one of the steps in franchising. After obtaining design approval, the franchisor must make sure that the symbol is protected with regards to legal aspects. This specifically means taking care of intellectual property: copywriting is essential for brand protection.

This legal protection that franchises have offer clients a sense of trust and safety. They know what they are getting, no matter where in the world they are – be it Argentina or Australia. Clients are reassured when getting a latte from their predilect coffee shop that they will get a product meeting certain standards.

It’s fair to say that successful branding is more than brand recognition. For many franchises, it also has a value beyond this. Being in the public eye can directly impact their shares – both positively and negatively. This is why franchisors don’t take this lightly and ensure solid protection in their franchise agreements. It’s a sort of legal armour to avoid having their brand mistreated.

Another key point for having a successful franchise is consistency in design. Consistency throughout all branding will be a magnet for customers. A homogeneous message must be spread across all franchises and, in order to achieve this, a clear idea of the brand must be expressed in all areas of the brand. This gives an unequivocal definition of the business and is a solid base for reputation, besides the obvious fact that it sets you apart from the competition.

Curating a consistent brand franchise is no easy task. It’s not impossible but it requires hard work. When facing challenges, one must be patient and plan out an approach to convey the brands’ message loud and clear. If there is franchisees’ reluctancy, make sure you find a compromise that suits both of you. You will want to train them as best as you can to minimise the risks of non-compliance, but you will also want to give them the autonomy to provide their input too.

Keeping the local market in mind when planning a marketing strategy is also of importance. Your franchisee may be of invaluable help with this. In consequence, your business will grow and that is, ultimately, the goal of it all, is it not?

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