IFC Announcement

We are extremely pleased to announce that Mr. Mark Landes has been appointed to the position of President and Director of Interface Financial Corp. (“IFC”). IFC acts as a franchisor for franchisees in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland. Through his company, Arch Holdings LLC., Mark has also become the majority owner of Interface Financial Corp.

Mark’s extensive business background covers over two decades in the giftware trade and another 2 decades in the financial service arena, where he owned and operated specialist financial service companies designed to provide non-bank financing facilities to expanding companies. Mark has been part of the Interface team for over 5 years and now, in the role as President, he takes on the role of creating a forward-looking strategic direction for Interface Financial Corp.

David Banfield, the past President, will continue to be involved in the expansion of the franchise network, and Ms. Nadine Calfa  will also continue in her role of Office Manager and franchisee liaison.

IFC will continue to work closely with The Interface Financial Group (“IFG”), and IFG will continue to act as the syndicate partner for the IFC franchise group.

Mark is based in Virginia, and can be reached via email at


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