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The HYPOXI – Method and associated patented equipment was developed in Austria in the late 90’s and has since revolutionized Targeted Body Shaping around the world. Today HYPOXI is helping customers get back their waistlines and trim butts & thighs in over 50 countries and it’s now America’s turn to get the HYPOXI “skinny”.

HYPOXI provides a quality service to clients who want to improve their body shape and lose inches (dress sizes or pant sizes) from targeted areas of the body naturally and in just a few weeks. We achieve proven results using a combination of light exercise, nutritional planning and patented vacuum/compression therapy that improves blood flow to the fatty tissue in those areas. HYPOXI also uses a similar approach to tone the skin and eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

These services are provided in an exclusive studio environment .. typically 4-6 high quality pieces of patented equipment in a 1500-2000 sq ft facility, staffed with 1 full time consultant and 2 part time coaches. The business model calls for a location with surrounding high income demographics and a quality image (both facility and staff).

The investment range is in the $250k to $350k range, with the franchise owner providing $125k to $150k and the balance being typically financeable through equipment leasing or Bank/SBA financing programs.

The health & wellness space has been growing rapidly in recent years and will continue into the foreseeable future. People want to look and feel good even (or maybe especially) as they grow older. HYPOXI is really the only “healthy”, “all natural” option available to people who want to get rid of unsightly fat around the belly, hips, thighs and buttocks (i.e. stay in shape) without invasive surgery, hardcore gym based exercise and/or ridiculous diets.

There are currently studios open in Charlotte and Houston and we are offering special programs for first movers in the Carolinas, South and Gulf Coast of Florida, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Join us!

Contact: Mark Street

Cash Investment: $125k – $150k

Ballantyne One, 15720 John J Delany Dr. Suite 300, Charlotte NC28277
Initial Fee:
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