How I Changed My Life through Franchising: A Father’s Story

How I Changed My Life through Franchising: A Father’s Story

Franchising Offers the Flexibility and Opportunity to Be a Better Dad

Family was always the most important thing in my life; yet, during the first 25 years of my career, I was heavily focused on making a name for myself and working my tail off. During that time, I made a lot of trade-offs that I now realize were not in the best interest of my family.

A lot of people engage in certain paths in their careers and lives and the inertial force drives them forward. Too often, we don’t think about the myriad of choices that we possess. When I graduated law school and decided I did not want to be an attorney, I thought I had no choice except to enter the corporate world. I had a very successful career both in financial services and commercial real estate. I led large teams, was a college professor, and was a career advice columnist for one of the largest newspapers in the country. I was a good dad. Yet, I was not a great dad.

Too much time spent chasing the ring and pyrrhic victories resulted in not enough time spent with my kids. This is something that I will always regret. To be clear, I was always a good dad, prioritized my children, and spent my free time with them. However, leaving the house at 5:15 and returning at 6:45 made me a tired and worn-out person, and my family was not experiencing the best version of myself.

From the Corporate World to Franchising

A handful of years ago, I decided I was done with the corporate world and set out on my own path, using franchising as a guide. I often speak to my clients about their “whys.” My primary one is crystal clear. My most important “why” is to be present in my family’s life. I want to provide for them emotionally, physically, and financially. Franchising allows me to do this in ways that I was never able to in the corporate world. In life, we choose our paths and for me choosing franchising has provided me opportunities to be the best dad I am capable of. Here are some features of franchising that helped me become a better father.

4 Ways Franchising Can Make You a Better Dad

1. Opportunity for Success

First, franchising provides people an opportunity for success. As a Franchise Consultant and franchisee, I can appreciate firsthand how franchising builds income and wealth. The realization that you do not need to work for other people to achieve a high level of success is a profound and freeing one. Franchising helped me become a better dad because it allows me to provide for my family financially.

2. Flexibility to be with Family

Franchising provides a tremendous amount of flexibility. I can work when I want and how I want. I control my environment and choose to work from home. One of the great things about franchising is that each of us can choose our own unique path and identify the right brand fit for us. For me, a home-based business was the right choice. It allows me to maximize my time at home and the time I spend with my family. In the middle of the day, I can do whatever I need to do for my family. Workplace and time flexibility has helped me become a better Dad.

3. A New Challange

When I worked in the corporate world, I always looked for the next challenge. I had high-level positions such as Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief Sales Officer and Chief Operating Officer.  While those look good on a resume, I was never fulfilled and constantly sought new challenges for growth and achievement. 

I don’t enjoy being good at things. Instead, I enjoy the challenge, the climb, the learning and growth. Franchising is freedom, and you can constantly reinvent, grow and expand your business. In contrast, in the corporate world, when you achieve competency, you often stay in a role for an extended time. 

4. Personal and Professional Happiness

Franchising makes me happy. Freedom of choice, control, autonomy, working from home, having no bosses, etc., has increased my level of happiness and overall satisfaction. Without having the life sapped from me by Corporate America, I’m never tired and always energized. This level of energy translates very well as I am more engaged and a better dad and grandfather.

Exploring Franchise Ownership

Franchising, through its ups and downs, has enabled me to achieve a fuller, richer, and more successful life than I ever had before and made me a better dad, husband, son, and friend. 

If you are exploring franchise business ownership, I can tell you from personal experience it will profoundly impact your life and improve it in ways you never imagined. Happy Father’s Day!

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