How Entrepreneurial Dreams Meet Technology

It’s all about your possibilities, options and dreams!

For over 30 years, The Entrepreneur’s Source (Esource) has been a premier source for self-employment options, franchising information, and education. In fact, Esource is a franchise itself, helping curious individuals find the right franchise.

Esource has shown countless people the opportunity to explore a wide range of business models, helping them to discover rewarding careers, take control of their lives, create financial freedom, and experience fulfilling lifestyles. At Esource, we often talk about achieving  “ILWE: Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity.” One’s ILWE can only be fully realized by embarking down the self-employment path. Esource coaches assist our clients to go from employment to empowerment. The Esource mission is to represent our client’s interests above all others.

Our Esource Purpose: We help our clients formulate and define goals to provide a clear picture of what they are trying to accomplish. We also introduce specific franchise business models that may be suited to those defined goals and needs, and provide guidance and coaching in the evaluation of those options. Esource works with a large variety of franchisors and various re-sale opportunities, covering a broad and diverse spectrum of business models. Esource coaches work hard on behalf of our clients, acting as their personal advocate and accommodating a wide range of investment levels, even for those with limited financial resources.

The Esource view is that a business should be the “vehicle” that allows our clients to achieve their career and life goals. In our initial educational phase, we focus on assisting in defining goals, needs, and expectations: what one wants their life to look like in five plus years. Esource provides coaching and education to help one gain more knowledge and confidence about becoming self-sufficient. An excellent example of the business/franchise being the ”vehicle” to help achieve life goals, is one of my clients I worked with a few years back. This was a husband and wife who knew they were ready for a career change. When we discussed their goals, needs and expectations, it was apparent that time flexibility was a key motivator in their lives going forward.

My clients described their jobs that were so demanding of their time, that it directly affected valuable time with their children’s lives and activities. The husband explained to me that you only get one chance to say “yes” or “no” to attend your child’s piano recital or gymnastics meet. Unfortunately, too often the answer was “no” due to work demands and commitments, and sadly,  you never get those moments back. The couple expressed their strong desire to play a larger and more active role in their children’s lives, and that above all other goals, they wanted free time for personal and family activities. Based on this important information shared with me as their Esource coach and advocate, one of the franchise models I introduced my clients to was a residential home cleaning business. Of course at first glance they expressed absolutely no desire to clean people’s homes. In fact, they asked if I would show them a different franchise and industry! I explained there was good reason why I selected this cleaning franchise as an option to explore, and the importance of keeping an open mind.

At Esource, our 30 plus years of coaching our clients has illustrated one consistent fact: over 95 percent of our clients select a franchise they admit they would never have chosen on their own, or perhaps had even dismissed prematurely. With our help and guidance, our program is designed to help individuals evaluate facts and information objectively, rather than from emotion or perception. Why did I select that home cleaning franchise to my clients to validate? Well, lifestyle and family time was top on the goals list. The husband expressed a strong desire to be home with his children everyday near 5 p.m. rather than have to work evenings, weekends, or holidays, and still be able to grow the business while being involved in the community. That is what the home cleaning franchise enabled my clients to accomplish; a true lifestyle choice! Today (10 years later) they are one of the top producing franchisees in the country. Most importantly, they can almost always say “yes” when it comes to the children’s activities and attending those important life events with family and friends.

The Entrepreneur’s Source provides guidance and direction in the evaluation of the business models we select for our clients. Esource coaches serve as a sounding board to help evaluate information gathered during the Discovery Phase of our program. We help clients overcome emotional detours they may encounter that can hinder or even stop progress. I often explain to my clients that I do not believe in “roadblocks” or “barriers” in careers or life. I understand there may be “bumps” in the road when working with them, but that will not prevent one from attaining their goals. We may have to strategize on how best to maneuver around those “bumps in the road”, but if there is entrepreneurial curiosity and interest, I can help turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

TECHNOLOGY: Here is where The Entrepreneur’s Source has added wonderful features to our Franchise Education and Discovery Program. Esource coaches understand the vast importance of “meeting our clients where they are at,” therefore, enhancing our franchise coaching with advanced technology makes great sense. One of our exciting additions is the Franchise Match Program, exclusively available at our website: Franchise Match is our online franchise opportunity research tool. Our five-step process helps individuals discover the ideal franchise match that will meet their unique criteria along with their goals, needs, and expectations. Franchise Match has an exclusive alliance with a global network of the top franchise coaches who will help people discover new business ideas and the best franchises, at no cost or obligation. Through the hundreds of franchisors participating in Franchise Match, Esource coaches like myself can take our clients on an exciting and rewarding franchise discovery journey as our clients learn about and validate franchise opportunities that may “match” up well to their unique criteria. The franchisors participating in Franchise Match cover a diverse set of industries and investment level ranges. In addition to single unit opportunities, many of our franchisors offer multiple unit, master franchises, and regional development opportunities. Whether you’re looking for part-time (keep your job for now), full –time, semi absentee (manage the manager), storefront, mobile, home based, employees or no employees, service based, etc., Franchise Match will select the business models that reflect the goals and needs of each individual, all in a “virtual” environment enhanced by the “human” guidance of dedicated Esource coach.

There is more on the technology front! Other “virtual” franchise education and discovery tools include Esource exclusive “YOU 2.0” and “Virtual Coaching Experience” ( Curious individuals can build their Vision Board to match their goals with their vision in an easy step-by-step interactive video and audio tour.

The Entrepreneur’s Source has helped curious individuals at a career crossroads learn about their self-employment and franchise options through core coaching, guidance, and support. Now with the addition of advanced technology tools and resources it’s even easier to communicate with our clients in a way that is most effective to positively impact their careers, and their lives.

Steven Rosenkrantz has been a Franchise and Business Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source since 2001, and has assisted hundreds of individuals seeking franchise information while offering no cost coaching to develop a profile of possibilities which explore business and franchise options.

To get in contact with Steven for more on what he has to offer, you can contact him toll free at 888-264-6667 or via email at

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