How Boston’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar Uses Dual-Branding to Help Hoteliers Succeed

With the hospitality industry recovering from the pandemic, many establishments are searching for new and exciting changes they can implement to get customers back in the door.

At Boston’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar, we’ve spent the past few years looking at fresh and creative ideas for development. As with many things, the pandemic gave us an extra push to implement these new ideas.

Over time, we realized that we could do so much more with less space. Our new prototype, which is 30% smaller than pre- COVID prototypes, unites the three most substantial establishments in the hospitality industry: restaurants, bars and hotels.

It consists of Boston’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bars located next to hotel lobbies, meaning a smaller space, less investment, and increased revenue streams for franchise partners. For example, Jeff Krivoshen, owner of the brand new Four Points by Sheraton in Yuma, AZ, has witnessed first-hand the impact that rolling the dice on a new, unique concept can have. Last month, he opened his first dual-branded travel destination: A Boston’s Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar inside his new Marriott hotel.

So why is this concept so attractive to hoteliers?

1. The benefits of branding : The fact that Boston’s and Marriott are both two successful franchises means an automatic boost in brand recognition. Consumers know and trust these brands, and this is what allowed Jeff to project success even prior to his opening date.

2. Attracts more guests : Jeff recommends that hoteliers invest in plenty of exterior signage for their restaurant. This reassures locals that they are just as welcome at his Boston’s location as hotel guests. His Boston’s location has its own separate entrance within the hotel.

3. Adds convenience and a fun , bustling atmosphere : Sometimes, guests want to relax at the hotel after a long day of sight-seeing, but they don’t want to be cooped up in their rooms. His restaurant and sports bar provides for laid back entertainment without having to step foot out the door of the hotel!

4. The possibilities are endless : Having a Boston’s inside his hotel has allowed Jeff to entertain families, adventurous individuals, and business professionals alike with so many options

for them to enjoy our diverse menu options. Guests can order room service from the Boston’s menu, the restaurant has its own outdoor patio, is adjoined with a Vegas-style outdoor pool with cabanas for poolside service, and even offers 6,500 sq. ft. worth of meeting space and conference rooms, where Boston’s offers guests an extensive catering menu.

5. Let ’s talk about finances . A smaller space means a relatively smaller investment, and what better way to elevate your ROI than pairing it with plenty of extra revenue opportunities? With all of the different accommodations Boston’s offers in the hotel, franchisees are able to maximize business and profitability.

6. A strong support system . Of course, one major benefit to owning a franchise over an independentlyowned business is the support they receive from corporate. Between support from Marriott on the hotel side and the support of the Boston’s team, Jeff has plenty of resources to set him up for success. From design to the opening process, financial and legal aspects and staffing, we are here for our franchisees.

7. Speaking of staffing … The hospitality industry in particular has been rocked by the current labor shortage. We have recently begun our partnership with talentReef to help our franchisees with the recruiting and hiring process. This requires less time and effort on their end so they can devote more time to focusing on innovative, dual-branded concepts like this one!

To sum up, the pandemic has driven a rapid innovation within the hospitality industry. A smaller, more flexible Boston’s model like Jeff’s is beneficial to hoteliers, restaurateurs, hotel guests and locals. Boston’s has already solidified partnerships with hotel chains like Mariott and Holiday Inn. In fact, this year, 80% of our openings are expected to follow this new model. Because of our proactive and “out-of-thebox” thinking, our brand is projected to double in size within the next 3 years. It’s an exciting time for enterprising individuals with the drive to try new business ideas. We plan to expand our footprint to include more movers and shakers in the hospitality space; there are many more exciting things to come from new Boston’s franchisees to new innovations within our industry as a whole.

Ryan joined Boston’s Pizza US in 2018 as Vice President of Franchise Sales and Development. He brings unparalleled expertise to franchise systems including organic lead generation, redefining sales and discovery processes, and finalizing partnerships.

Ryan is driven by the belief that integrity-based relationship building and transparency is the only way to grow a strong business. Since at Boston’s, Ryan has successfully restructured existing development agreements, sold two corporate restaurants to partner with new multi-unit developers, and brought in several new multi-unit partnerships. The development pipeline that he helped create will double the size of Boston’s in the U.S. by 2024.

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