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With advancements in technology, easier access to information and a better understanding of healthcare, wellness and health are at the forefront of people’s priorities.

More and more Americans understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the overall impact it has on their livelihood.

Health and wellness may be a lifestyle practice for many; it has also become a more powerful marketing tool and business opportunity for others.

Franchisors have jumped on this bandwagon and see the profit pour in. For some investors, it’s about pursuing a passion for a healthy lifestyle; for other franchisors it’s about focusing in on a large target audience that will create success.

America in Numbers

The health market is extremely prevalent in the American Economy, for many different reasons but particularly when it comes to weight loss concerns. According to the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey of 2010, 2 in 3 adults in America are considered overweight or obese.

Those who are considered overweight or obese have an increase risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and a host of other health care problems, which impacts the health care system.

Investing in a health and wellness industry would be beneficial to a lot of Americans who are struggling with their weight while also helping alleviate the strains on hospitals and doctors.

In fact, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention stated the USA is currently experiencing an obesity epidemic, meaning a large portion of the population is directly affected by this health crisis and need support.

For those who are passionate and altruistic, and are interested in helping the greater good, a franchising investment in the Health and Wellness industry could not only be helpful to the overall population, but also extremely beneficial considering the high number of people at risk.

Western society is also facing an aging population, with baby Boomers hitting senior years.  They too are more interested in the state of their health. People are living longer due to proper health care, advancements in medicine and education.

This portion of the population opens another consumer base that would allow for profit and success in the franchising business.

Power of the Selfie

The ever growing popularity of social media and technology has made access at the tips of most people’s fingers. The ability to snap and post immediately has made people picture obsessed and therefore more concerned about their outward appearance.

The idea that an online posting could reach anyone and everyone, influences people to try and obtain a certain standard. That online ideal includes a healthy lifestyle, a slim figure and perfect complexion.

Social media is free advertisement for The Health and Beauty market, with celebrities tweeting about their experiences with certain products to kids creating popular hashtags about how they stay fit and healthy, opens up a whole other world of free marketing for franchisors interested in this industry.

Those considering a Health and Beauty market should research how a company is trending in the social media and its popularity in these marketing venues.

That being said, a lot of health care products have become online niches, without locations. People have become susceptible to sitting behind a computer screen and ordering the next popular item to help them lose weight fast or become healthy immediately. Some online markets may create direct competitions for franchisors in the field. Before considering a certain franchise, investors should investigate whether or not an online option is available to keep interest and step ahead of the game.


The Health and Beauty industry is constantly growing and ever changing so it’s a competitive and fast paced industry.

That being said, people are willing to invest in almost all and every quick fix health regiment, as well as willing to reach into their pocket for fitness and nutrition routine to obtain a healthier lifestyle. So the consumer market is always available, but a company has to be one step ahead of its competition at all times.

Health trends could make or break a market and you don’t want to be left behind. A franchise is a safer bet because a team of researchers is available and provide tremendous support to their franchisees.

Franchisees can remain aware of their competition but rest easy knowing they are ahead of the game with a team of marketers and researchers that provide a successful outcome. For those interested in the Health and Wellness franchise industry, it is suggested that you ask about the roles and availability of the support team.

That being said people are getting back to basics. Younger consumers are recognizing some diet fads are neither healthy, nor safe and they are simply eating well and exercising. Though that may read as a simple concept, we all need a little help once and awhile.  Gyms, exercise equipment and fitness courses allow support those interested in living an easy and healthy lifestyle.

Some gyms are franchises that provide easy access to clients, with classes on nutrition and fitness regiments.  In fact, it is estimated that 45 million adults in the country have a gym membership. Some avail of these services, while other pay the monthly fee and give away free money.

A person with a passion for fitness and exercise could greatly appreciate a gym franchise and should consider what services and products are available at each facility. Consumers prefer a one stop shop that provides plenty of options.

A lot of online markets are recognizing a trend away from diets and towards healthy and “clean” foods. They provide meals that are wholesome and delivered, with weekly plans that make healthy eating more accessible and easy. Consumers like the idea of eating well, without all the work. We want to be healthy, but we don’t want to put in the effort.

A franchise that provides healthy food services, especially with an online presence is a great investment and one with more options and products would provide more success due the high competition of the industry. A consideration for longevity should be considered because this could just be another health fad that could fizzle out.

The Health and Beauty industry is not only detrimental to the future of America, it is also appealing to a widespread population. It’s well marketed, always popular and successful. Though it has a tough competitive market, investing in a franchise will receive  a support system and a leg up on competitors.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.

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