Make a business decision that will break new ground. Become a Certified GoliathTech Installer.

This is an exciting opportunity in a buzzing new sector. Become the premier screw pile specialist in your region with GoliathTech, and your expertise will break new ground to business profitability.

For more than 10 years, GoliathTech, manufacturer and installer of helical screw piles, has combined strength with know-how to offer residential and commercial customers the best piling solution to support a multitude of projects.

Our helical GoliathTech screw piles, which surpass the highest industry standards, are installed deep beneath the ground freezing level to solidly support the structure of your clients’ projects, ranging from extensions, terraces and docks to fences, walkways, patios, solariums, decks, gazebos, sunrooms and much more. Better than traditional concrete pillars formed using tubes, screw piles install easily and quickly with no excavation or cure time required. And, because they are less expensive than concrete solutions, partnering with GoliathTech is a smart business investment.

Groundbreaking technology

Our brand provides the best screw piles on the market installed by our franchisee experts. We use cutting-edge equipment to guarantee optimal anchoring of each pile. Steadfast. Reliable. Precise. Economical. These are the foundations of the GoliathTech brand promise.

Commitment to innovation

Our product innovation enables our franchisees to diversify their service offering, expand their business opportunities and grow their profitability.

Franchisee support

When you join the GoliathTech family we make a commitment to the success of your business. We provide you with all the technology, tools and expertise of the GoliathTech brand, as well as ongoing support, premier training, sales and marketing strategies to help you grow your business using our product. You will benefit from:

  • A protected territory.
  • Certification and continuing training.
  • A national advertising program.
  • Superior quality products.
  • Specialized equipment adapted to the installation of helical screw piles.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Lead-generation strategies.
  • Business development tools.

“Unsurpassed innovation in helical piling and expert installation form the core ofGoliathTec’s strength. Our franchisees are carefully selected ambassadors of our brand who share our commitment to engineering excellence, professionalism and the highestquality standards. As your business partner, we are fully committed to your success and will make available a wealth of resources to help make your GoliathTech franchise a profitable venture.” Julian Reusing, Board Chairman, GoliathTech

Don’t wait any longer! Become the screw pile specialist in your region supported by a renowned brand.

Cash Investment: $72,900 – $176,000

1350 Boulevard Industriel, Magog, QC CA J1X4V9
Initial Fee:
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