Frozen Yogurt Robots Invade the International Franchise Expo in NYC

Combining the demand for froyo and ice cream with high technology and robotics, Reis and Irvy’s frozen yogurt robots are proving to be a huge hit! The brand recently attended the International Franchise Expo held in New York, where attendees had the opportunity to see the all-new frozen yogurt robot in action and sample some frozen treats.

Launched in 2016, Reis & Irvy’s have sold 250 franchises to date and pre-sold over 1,100 robots hitting the market in June.A turnkey opportunity- Reis and Irvy’s provides locations for the robots in high-traffic areas such as amusement parks, movie theatres & hospitals, malls and tourist attractions. Because the robots are self-contained, no bricks, no employees, no significant rents and practically labor free, the Reis and Irvy’s frozen yogurt robots are well poised to disrupt brick and mortar frozen yogurt concepts.

With its small footprint and big theatrics, the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot captures and captivates consumers with its on-site convenience and playful, robotic delivery of delicious frozen confections. Reis & Irvy’s units are capable of delivering frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, acai, frozen ice and custard with toppings within 60 seconds or less.

Franchisees can own their own Froyo Robot delivering frozen creations to customers everywhere to build their own froyo enterprise. The streamlined economy of the Reis & Irvy’s franchise model is equally matched by the compact self-sufficiency of the machine itself, making it a practical business choice for any enterprising operator.

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