Franchise That Rescues Buildings Doesn’t Require One

In a bit of franchising irony, owning and operating one of the nation’s top building restoration franchises doesn’t actually require owning a commercial building, at least not to start.

Founded in 2008, Restoration 1 performs emergency restoration on homes and businesses, cleaning up mold and restoring buildings from fire, smoke, and water damage, among other services.

And while Restoration 1 rescues other buildings, franchisees don’t actually need a commercial building to start a location, as it doesn’t have any inventory. Once the franchisees’ locations get big enough, the company will aid them in finding the right building to set up their shop.

Started in Pompano Beach, FL, Gary Findley, took over as president in January 2016 and moved the company headquarters to Waco, TX. It has been franchising since 2010 and currently has over 85 locations throughout the United States.

Findley has over 25 years of experience in helping new and experienced entrepreneurs get on the right track towards owning their own business.  In addition, he has been instrumental in building over 9500 locations with two brands as well as helping to launch several new concepts along with taking existing concepts and growing their development. Under Findley’s leadership, Restoration 1 has added over 55 locations this year and is on pace for its target of 100 new locations by the end of the year.

The Right People

Findley says Restoration 1 is looking for driven, service-focused and passionate entrepreneurs. Veterans or civil service workers looking to start their own business would be an especially good fit, he noted, and, veterans can enjoy a $7,000 discount on their franchise fee.

With disasters happening across the country, it is fitting that Restoration 1 has committed franchisees throughout the US to respond rapidly to bring the needed restoration to a home or business.

“Disasters don’t wait for a convenient moment to strike, but we want to be available when they do,” Findley said. “Addressing the issues early on can make a big difference in the extent of the damage.”

Part of the company’s appeal for customers is the help it offers throughout the entire process after a disaster happens. The company aims to cause the least amount of disruption to people’s lives.

Restoration 1 also prides itself on using only the best materials and being able to restore people’s property to its pre-disaster condition. Plus, it provides free consultations and ‘round the clock emergency services.

Top Notch Training

Findley, who has over 25 years of experience helping people start their own businesses, said Restoration 1 provides new franchisees with a 12- day training program that fully prepares them to offer the company’s services as soon as they return home.

Experienced field consultants meet with franchisees weekly to analyze and strategize for the growth of their individual franchises. And Restoration 1 also has   annual convention, monthly newsletter and provides avenues for the franchisees to work together, brainstorm, share information and ask questions.

“We truly believe teamwork makes the dream work.” Findley said.

Future plans include continuing to develop programs that will increase revenue for franchisees such as a content program, reconstruction program, and national disaster response team.

Findley said the company will also continue to add experienced staff to help franchisees and add a new management tool for all franchisees to assist them in becoming more profitable.

500 in 5

Restoration 1’s ambitious growth plan of adding 100 new locations per year sees the company expanding to 500 stores in five years.

Findley is perhaps the perfect person to helm this expansion, as he’s seen everything there is to see after two-and-a-half decades of helping entrepreneurs start their own business.

“Not every good idea makes a good franchise and not every franchise is a good idea,” he shared. “What makes a great franchise system are three things: your support, your staff, and the success of your franchisees. If franchisees aren’t happy, nobody’s happy.”

Findley takes inspiration from one of the first people he worked for, who is also a legend in the franchising sphere.

“I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I started my career working for Don Dwyer, Founder of the Dwyer Group. I was in my early 20’s and I distinctly remember sitting up in Don’s office at 10 at night talking about franchising and my personal goals,”. “He took the time to mentor me and help me to become a successful franchise development person and to really gain a passion for franchising. I loved and still love how you could use franchising to expand your idea across the world and at the same time assist others in achieving their dreams of owning their own business.”

Now that Findley is at the helm of his own franchise, he’s realizing his dream of passing along his hard earned knowledge and experience to a new crop of business owners … and they don’t even need a building to start one.

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