Franchise Payments Network Grows Stellar Reputation

Franchise Payments Network (a.k.a. FPN) is the only merchant services company focused exclusively on franchising. Since 2006, we have served over 190 franchise brands and we’ve grown a reputation as a premier vendor in the franchise industry. Though FPN evolved over the years, we remain focused on franchisor, franchisee, and customer needs. Our goal is to help both franchisors and franchisees save money on every transaction. We offer competitive payment processing rates to some of the most recognized brands in franchising providing them with the professionalism, technology, innovation, and support they need to continue to grow unit revenues.

Our team of franchising experts can enhance the consumer experience through secure payment acceptance on any device. Whether it’s online, on a smartphone or tablet, or through our many POS integrations, we tailor our services to each individual brand. The FPN Support Team is dedicated, talented, and help our clients through excellent customer service. We cater to franchisees to ensure they have the education and support for successful and smooth operations.

More importantly, we assist franchise organizations with payment security and compliance to minimize the risk of breaches that could place brand equity in jeopardy. Our principals are Certified Franchise Executives (CFE) who have extensive experience in assisting franchise-based companies with strategic advice and project management relative to electronic payments. We are proud members of the International Franchise Association and the Electronic Transactions Association and serve on various technology and security boards and committees for each.

FPN Services:

    • Credit and debit card processing including EMV and NFC (ApplePay, Android Pay)
    • ACH and electronic check payments
    • Mobile processing
    • Customized mobile apps and QR payments
    • Capital-on-Demand funding for remodels, equipment upgrades, etc.
    • Automated royalty transactions
    • Recurring billing and direct invoicing through the FPN Gateway
    • Security testing for PCI compliance
    • FPN Advantage Program: an additional service which protects merchants from data breaches and charge back disputes
    • Live customer support 24/7





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