Franchise Experts Collaborate on Franchise Management for Dummies

The latest update in John Wiley & Sons’ popular For Dummies® series, Franchise Management For Dummies, is co-authored by two of the leading business and legal authorities in franchising, Michael Seid, CFE, managing director of MSA Worldwide, and Joyce Mazero, partner, Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP. Just released in bookstores and the Internet as of May 1, 2017, Franchise Management For Dummies provides franchisees and commercial and social franchisors with information on one of the world’s most important business expansion strategies.

Franchise Management For Dummies is “a powerful book that holds essential keys to running a successful franchise business,” according to Robert Cresanti, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association, who wrote the forward. “I can’t think of anyone more qualified than Michael and Joyce to write this much‑needed book,” said Cresanti.

Franchise Management For Dummies provides prospective franchisees with the tools and information they need to make a good franchise investment. It serves as a guide for commercial and social franchisors in the design, development and expansion of their systems and provides guidance on how to support their franchisees and manage their franchise systems.

“In Franchise Management For Dummies, Joyce and I take a deep dive in addressing many of the issues and challenges facing franchisors and franchisees today,” said Seid.

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