Fingernails2Go – the Revolution in Nail Art is here!

This is a business waiting to happen in your area. In the world of cosmetics, the fastest growing sector is nail art, and with a Fingernails2Go Kiosk, you can tap into this market in minutes.

The Fingernails2Go Kiosk is unique, has a pedigree of development partners and will deliver a return on investment in months.

  • The only Nail Art kiosk in the world that has been developed in partnership with the largest digital print company in the world, HP. HP have created a bespoke printer for Fingernails2Go that is designed to follow the natural curve of the nail, making the print as near perfect as possible.
  • The only Nail Art kiosk in the world built by kiosk manufacturer Tensator. The people of Tensator have been partners with HP for multiple projects, including airport and retail kiosks. The Fingernails2Go Kiosk has been built to the quality standards you would expect from brands that deliver all around the world.
  • The only Nail Art kiosk in the world that has Tritron ink, specially developed for print quality on nails and health and safety regulations around the globe. Commissioned by HP, the ink prints in high res full colour, but also has been developed to be perfectly safe in use and on the nail.
  • The Nail Art kiosk with an advertising screen. You will be able to use your Fingernails2Go kiosk screen for your own advertising, or sign up to a central management system that will enable advertisers to buy screen time for their clients.

The Big Wins with a Fingernails2Go Kiosk

There is much more to putting a Fingernails2Go kiosk in a retail environment than simply selling nails. Women of all ages will be excited by the opportunities to:

  • Design their own nails
  • Match their nails to their clothes
  • Get bespoke nails for an event, concert or destination
  • Put photos on their nails – people, patterns, pets and more
  • Share their new nails on social media and with the Fingernails2Go community

But for retailers there are even more advantages:

  • Attract new customers to your store, boutique, salon or mall
  • Increase the time they spend at the location
  • Use Fingernails2Go Nail Art for promotions
  • Advertise other products to the Fingernails2Go customers
  • Market your store using #fingernails2go

The Business

If you want to purchase one kiosk, or become a distributor we can arrange either.

For further information and to register interest, visit

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