Filta Group Customers, Franchise Owners, and Employees Raise Over $5,000 for Oceans of Hope Foundation

Last month, The Filta Group’s customers, franchise owners, and employees exceeded the company goal of raising $5,000 for the Oceans of Hope Foundation through a unique company-wide campaign.

The Oceans of Hope Foundation is one that carries a special meaning for everyone at The Filta Group as it was started by Filta’s own Danny Paltjon. The foundation, based out of Central Florida, was established to provide adaptive ocean sport opportunities to individuals with limited mobility.

Danny was inspired to start the foundation after sustaining a serious spinal cord injury while playing in a Men’s softball game. Previously, an avid outdoorsman and athlete, he was unprepared to face his “new life” limited to a wheelchair. In light of this, Danny started the non-profit organization, which has given many the opportunity to experience the unique thrill of surfing.

“It’s simply an honor and a privilege to support an amazing foundation like Oceans of Hope. We couldn’t be prouder of Danny and the organization he has created to uplift the spirits of so many,” said Jason Sayers, CEO at the Filta Group.

If you are interested in learning more, volunteering, or making a donation please visit

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