Fence Franchise Works With the Competition, Not Against It

In the biblical story, David defeats the giant warrior Goliath in an unexpected way. According to the legend, David defeats Goliath by first hitting him with a rock from a sling. In modern times, the tale is often used to describe someone facing a giant problem or impossible situation.

That can be the way some business owners describe the competition between small and large franchises. In the eyes of most people, small franchises have a tough time competing with larger ones that offer the same or similar services and products. That is, unless the owners of that small franchise look at the issue from a unique perspective.

Blase Bisceglia, founder of Fence Dynamics, is one of those franchisees. Based in Port Charlotte, Florida, Fence Dynamics provides custom fencing solutions to residential, commercial and industrial properties. In addition to creating a revenue stream of its own, Fence Dynamics has cultivated a partnership that adds a whole new level of ,benefits for the franchise, another large company and even the customer.

How? In addition to its own clientele, Fence Dynamics is a contractor with large big box stores, such as Home Depot. Under the agreement, a customer can purchase a fence at a Home Depot store and then call Fence Dynamics to provide the materials and installation.

At first glance, it may seem that the majority of the benefit goes to the larger company. As with any partnership, there are benefits on all sides. This kind of partnership does cut some costs for large stores, perhaps without cutting on quality. The large store is now able to provide a wider range of services, without having to bear the brunt of material and labor costs.

For Fence Dynamics, partnering with a large company allows it to have a greater customer base. As a small franchise, it does not have the name recognition that a Fortune 500 Company does. Partnering with a larger company does help with brand awareness and revenue stream. The third biggest benefit in this kind of partnership actually goes to the customer. That is because the customer can still get a quality product, from a name brand store that they are familiar with, and have more financial options than they may get with a smaller business.

That last part may be the one thing that smaller businesses can’t compete with against larger franchises. Financing, even within a company, has to take outside factors into account. A bank is much more likely to offer lines of credit to large, more established businesses than a small one. Which means small businesses may not have the option to offer customers who are making a large purchase. That is why a strategic partnership can be of value to the customer.

In this case, the person who purchases a fence from Home Depot can do so through a credit card with the store. That person may possibly even get a certain discount for doing that. The fence will still be installed by Fence Dynamics.

In the Biblical story, David initially put on a coat of mail and a brass helmet and girded himself with a sword: he prepared to wage a conventional battle of swords against Goliath. But then he stopped, realized he was out of touch with this kind of armor and picked up several stones. With the end of the legend firmly in place, anyone who reads it realizes David’s greatest strength. It’s acknowledging his weaknesses and choosing an unconventional strategy.

Simply being a small franchise may not necessarily be a weakness in business terms. But one could argue that what Fence Dynamics and Home Depot are doing is a bit unconventional. Nevertheless, together both are getting the job done and benefitting their collective customers. This summer, with the relationship firmly in place, Home Depot and Fence Dynamics are teaming up for a charitable project – donating a fence to a veteran and his family at their home in Southwest Florida. It’s an idea conceived by Home Depot, but realized with the help of Fence Dynamics. Sure it’s a shift, but one that quite possibly puts both businesses on equal ground.

Blase Bisceglia is the president and CEO of Fence Dynamics, the premier fencing franchise in Southwest Florida. Blase has more than 25 years of experience with the nation’s leading building companies, and is now the owner and operating of both Fence Dynamics and Tarpon Bay General Contracting. Fence Dynamics installs every type of  fence available to commercial, residential and industrial properties. Currently Fence Dynamics is expanding through franchising. 

For more information visit www.fencedynamicsfranchise.com.

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