Essential Steps You Need to Take When Injured in a Public Place

Falling or slipping in a public place is not only embarrassing but can also cause physical injuries. In extreme cases, it can lead to significant physical, mental, and emotional damage that is difficult to recover from. If you are lucky, you may just face a tiny bruise or a cut; however, some people may end up getting a concussion, fracture, or even brain damage. If you have been a victim of such incidents, you can file for a public liability claim from the owners of the public property. However, certain conditions may prohibit you from filing a claim. For instance, if you were already informed of the hazardous situation by the property operator or you fail to gather enough evidence.

Follow these steps to take action when injured in a public place.

Step 1: Gather Evidence

The first step is to gather evidence to collect proof of the incident. This will help you get your claim and ensure that the offender is punished. Without concrete proof, you have no base to file your claim and prove the offender guilty. As soon as you see yourself a victim of a public fall, report the incident with proper documentation. This should include the date and the time of the accident, the reason or exact cause, venue, and the type of injury. Take pictures of the exact location for further proof.

Step 2: Talk to Witnesses

To make your case stronger, talk to witnesses present at the time and location of the accident and record their statements. Gathering proof from witnesses is particularly advised if you are planning to file a public place accident claim. You can also look around the place to track CCTV footage of the location where you were injured.

Step 3: Get Yourself Examined for Injuries

Getting yourself checked at the nearest medical facility is the next step. Failing to do so may worsen your physical condition and cause irreversible damage if the injuries are deep. If you have suffered from serious bruises and are in a lot of pain, you must first rush to the nearest medical center or call an ambulance. Examine yourself to determine the seriousness of your accident and the kind of injuries sustained. Even if you feel that your injuries are ‘minor,’ get yourself checked as they can be internal and lead to serious problems in the future.

Step 4: Hire a Lawyer

If you cannot handle the case on your own, you should hire an experienced lawyer to gather evidence and get the claim you deserve. Your lawyer will take care of your case while you are recovering and handle all paperwork, which is an overwhelming task. They are also thoroughly versed with the public liability law, which applies in this case. According to this law, you can file a claim from the public property owners or operators only if they fail to warn visitors of impending hazards. If you believe that the operators failed to spread this warning or contain these precautions, an experienced public liability attorney can help you.

The hazards mainly include injuries caused by obstructions like improper pallets or doormats, broken or pointed doors, broken escalators, slippery floors without a warning sign, broken footpaths, and similar hazards at a public place that visitors should be informed of.

Step 5: File your Claim

Even if you don’t hire a lawyer, you must file a claim to get your deserved compensation. Before taking this step, talk to a public place accident solicitor as they will provide detailed information on your case. If you are eligible for the claim, the solicitor will help you draft your application and make it stronger. To get your claim assessed, you should submit your case to the Injuries Board. You must submit necessary documents such as medical records and the evidence gathered on the site.

Step 6: Seek Help

Winning the case and getting your claim will only solve your financial loss. Any kind of physical and mental damage left unattended must be treated before your situation worsens. Since dealing with the legalities can be quite nerve-wracking, hiring a lawyer is recommended. Meanwhile, you can focus on recovering fully. Even if your physical wounds are treated, it may take some time to recover from the mental and emotional trauma caused due to the accident. Talk to your friends, family, or someone you trust. If possible, talk to a therapist to recover faster from the traumatic experience.

By following these steps, you can win your case with ease and get your claim. As mentioned, seeking medical and legal help from professionals is advised to help you recover physically, mentally, and financially. If you meet all criteria of public liability, you must file a claim to get your compensation.

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