Emerging Franchises Sets up for a Successful 2018

Emerging Franchises, a Franchise Development Company that represents and assists in the building and organizing of the hottest franchise companies both in the United States as well as internationally, is coming into 2018 strong with two sales to start off the New Year.

With little territory available for the older brands, Emerging Franchises bring fresh innovative brands that have great potential just as the big brand names you know today. All their brands are unique since they focus on niche markets that are still untapped.

In addition to franchise sales and growth, Emerging Franchises also assists in New Franchise Development. Everything from Franchise Disclosure Document creation, Logo Creation, Logo registration, Website updates/creation, Operations manuals, Training Manuals, Franchise sales videos, promotional videos, Brochures, and much more.

“We are essentially the one stop shop for your franchise needs, we make it happen,” stated owners Samantha Rincione and Greg George.

This year Emerging Franchises has signed with over 30 companies and has no expectations of slowing down anytime soon. Some of the brands you can find in the Emerging Franchises portfolio include Stacked Pickle, Fóumami, Chutneys Indian Grill, Thumbs Up Diner, Dog Stop, Peño Mediterranean Grill, Buzzed Bull Creamery, Mr. Bagel Meister, YourZone45, Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse, UFood Grill, Lobster Pot, At Home Therapy, Shine Window care, Trattoria Mia Pasta, Uncle Al’s All-American Café, Burger Village, Firenza Pizza, Hot Harrys Burritos, Benzer Pharmacy, and Dapper Doughnut.

Emerging Franchises has also brought on approximately 25 agents to represent them throughout the United States and Internationally. The agents will be used to vet out proper candidates and match then between our brands and our potential franchisees.


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