Driving Schools Generate Spike in System-Wide Student Enrollments

Not even the pandemic can slow down The Driver Training Group.  

The group, which is the parent company for 911 Driving School and SWERVE Driving School, recently announced an uptick in student enrollments.

A pioneer in the driving school sector, at the onset of the pandemic, The Driver Training Group partnered with Washington state officials to gain approval for web-based learning for not only all of its 911 and Swerve Driving Schools in the state of Washington, but for all driving schools in Washington. Its efforts allowed for driver education businesses to continue operating and sustain revenues while providing necessary training and services to the citizens of Washington in a safe and socially responsible manner.

“I’m proud of the fact that we were able to help so many small businesses stay open during the pandemic,” said Joe Giammona, CEO of The Driver Training Group, and a national leader in advocacy for driver education.

Through its work alongside Washington state officials, The Driver Training Group was able to replicate its success in other markets. Its brands operate in, including South Carolina, Ohio and Colorado. 

“In addition to helping the driver education sector stand strong, we were able to share our internal processes, resources and technologies with small business owners in other industries to ensure the safety and security of everyone’s staff, students and our citizens.”


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