Dr. Smart Phones: Control Your Own Future in an Exploding Market

Dr. Smart Phones, a recognized leader in cell phone repair, has continued to grow rapidly since the company’s inception. Multiple new locations are being opened regularly throughout the county.

After 20 years in the cell phone business, our founder’s vision of creating a franchise group of tightly knit personnel and stores providing consistent high quality, yet economical, cell phone repair services, came to life as Dr. Smart Phones.

Our corporate goal is to provide state-of-the-art service and repairs not only to consumers, but to corporations with more extensive service needs as well. Dr. Smartphones is a nationwide service provider for major phone insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, as well as fulfilling service contacts to over 150 schools and school districts.

Much of our overall success has been gained through establishing ongoing, productive corporate partnerships. These partnerships begin with the recognition that any company utilizing outside sales force, regardless of size, must rely heavily on mobile devices to maintain contestant contact with their team. Mobile device downtime is not only and inconvenience but can result in revenue loss and demisted profit potential.

A successful business runs on timing, speed and the quality of information its field force has available to it. With a key business partnership dedicated to meeting those same demands, the chances of successes are greatly enhanced.

Ownership of a Dr.SmartPhones franchise has never been easier.

Life is best controlling the shots, which is exactly what makes a franchising opportunity with Dr. Smart Phones, Inc so exciting. You have the opportunity to control your own future and security by building a business in which your family can participate, contribute to your local community, and make a difference in the lives of your customers and employees. Starting a franchise gives you the opportunity to own a business without many of the risks, expenses and frustrations of starting from scratch.

The cell phone repair market is exploding as more than 50% of Americans now have a Smartphone.Dr. Smart Phones is a simple, niche concept with limited direct competition. Our specialty is providing fast guaranteed service while you wait.

Ready to proceed? Let’s talk. We’ve made the process of taking the first step, and each of the following steps, simple. Please complete the Get in Touch form on our website so that our team can reach out to-to get you started on your way to owning a Dr. Smart Phones Franchise.



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