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A franchise on a mission to change the World!

Starting a business can be an uncertain endeavor that can lead to a lifetime of accomplishment. Increasing the chances of being successful can be a learned process through coaching with North America’s leading entrepreneur coaching company, The Growth Coach.

Our Mission:

To significantly transform lives and businesses around the world…One community at a time.

Our Vision:

For the Growth Coach to become the industry defining global coaching brand built on helping people and businesses find their WHY!

Feed your dreams, starve your fears®

President Nathan Owens stands by this vision which is directly related to every function and technique that the Growth Coach practices.
“At our core we are really in the mindset change and accountability business. We get entrepreneurs to think about
their business like a CEO, instead of a technician. We focus mostly on that middle class piece and by doing so we have been able to take community by community and stabilize those collections,” explained Owens. “The vision is very straightforward but everything we do drives towards that. From our franchise relationship, to our owners, it directs how we behave in the corporate environment.” Middle class stabilization allows for incredible small and medium business growth – an idea created and perfected by founder and CEO Daniel Murphy.

Established in 2003 by Murphy and franchising chairman Gary Green, the company now has coaches coast to coast with 140 territories, representing 120 owners in the United States. The company has a trajectory of 400 territories by the end of 2015. “The reason we strive for 400 territories is because at that level, we cover enough of the U.S. to run national media to a point where we can start to educate the industry about coaching and what it is. Not necessarily selling a franchise but rather educating the masses in coaching and becoming that vision we are looking for long term,” said Owens.
Before The Growth Coach success, Murphy was a Certified Public Accountant. He was working from a consultant standpoint but he knew there had to be more. He quit his job and started coaching with his first location in Cincinnati. “Everyone thought he was crazy. That took true grit to do that. Dan was the first true entrepreneur that had the guts to start this world changing system; he has perfected and leveraged group coaching,” explained Nate.
The Growth Coach is now visible in 140 markets across the country. The company has founded its success by remaining dedicated to its vision of changing the mindset of their clients. They believe that in order to improve and grow, a business must also improve and grow.
“If you look at the growth trajectory of it, we have always had this mindset change process and this strategic leadership process that is life changing and powerful, but we didn’t really figure out how to quantify that and give it to the world. In the last year or so we’ve been able to strip it down and position it better,” said Owens of The Growth Coach specific Strategic Mindset process.
This lifestyle change is not immediate, but rather a year-long process. The company provides continuous support to achieve the specific goals.
As a franchisor, The Growth Coach established a similar rapport with its owners.
“We have an unbelievable franchisee franchisor relationship. We don’t really consider ourselves a typical franchise
system, even though the structure and level of support is one of the best franchise systems coaching has ever seen. We are a true partner in this business,” said Owens. “We strive to set the standard for passion, drive and grit as much as, if not more than, every owner we select to join our mission. That is our operational philosophy.” In order to be considered as a franchisee,there are particular processes to go through. There are three series of testing, ensuring the candidates coming in have an extremely high success factor before even making it to the next step, followed by
interviews with current owners as well as a fully vetted voting selection committee comprised of the executive team.
After the testing, there is a corporate meeting day followed by a seven-hour meeting to compile the whole history of the possible franchisee. Current franchise owner’s feedback is provided to determine the approval or denial of the potential franchise owner.
If approved, The Growth Coach has an unprecedented five-week training program that includes off-site instruction and in the field coaching. “After we have completed the selection process and a new territory is awarded, our goal is to ensure every detail of the new owner’s path to success is mapped out, 100 percent, day-by-day. We use what we believe to be a world class training and ramp up process, starting with Jump Start phase one, then Jump Start phase two. We spend eight and half days in Cincinnati. Then a week in the field perfecting the ‘Ninety Days Secret to Success’.
Franchisees are assigned an operational coach who breaks down each day of that week,” described Owens. “Afterwards, a dedicated operations coach, dedicated onboarding coach, and marketing coach, work through this ninety day plan, day-byday with each new franchise owner.”

The Growth Coach has a 60 percent denial rate because they seek a specific type of franchise owner to partner with. They take the company mission and vision very seriously. Precisely, the perfect fit is someone who has identified with his or her ‘Why’ – Why do they want to do this? The answer cannot come from a business module – every successful franchise system has a business module – but rather each potential franchise owner has to resonate with the mission and vision of the company in some capacity. Owens said we truly saw the need for The Growth Coach when we expanded our coaching to small business owners in Ecuador. We were amazed how the stabilization of small business owners helped change the local community of Quito.
‘We said how do we prove this model and who do we want to be?’ We started to identify that this is a middle class stabilization product, service and company,” recalls Owens. “We went to Ecuador, we started opening up units.
We returned after about a year and a half later to have an international conference. We were talking about our vision and mission and where we would like to go globally, people started to cry and I didn’t understand. It’s because the people of Ecuador attributes the stabilization of the small business of this community to The Growth Coach.”
The company not only brought services to small business owners but the ability to pass their businesses on to their children. It was a life changing experience for families. That type of life altering change is the perfect example of why The Growth Coach is an essential franchise.
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