Clayton Kendall INC. Promises Consistent, Easy Branding for Franchises

While most everyone in business knows the importance of branding, making sure everything stays consistent across an entire brand platform can be challenging. That is where Clayton Kendall Inc. steps in.

Co-founder and CEO Daniel Broudy, speaking from the company’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, said Clayton Kendall Inc. manages the print and branding programs for multi-location companies nationwide.

The company builds its own online store technology to create a customized environment for each individual client community, so everyone in that community can order all their printed material, signage, uniforms, and branded merchandise.

“Users can log in from all over the country and see specifically what they’re supposed to see based on their region,” Broudy said in a recent interview.

For example, a franchisee in Los Angeles and a franchisee of the same brand in New York can both sign into the franchise’s online Clayton Kendall store and they’ll each see the branded products they need tailored to their own regions of the country. The online store will show them all the products that are available to them in that region and will price them accordingly if the price differs from region to region.

Franchises can download various reports about what their franchisees are ordering to keep track of advertising trends and what works best where and the franchisees can do virtual proofing of their items, track orders and manage budgets all through Clayton Kendall Inc.’s online stores.

In business since 1999, the company fulfills a significant need for franchises by making life easier for franchisees. By dealing with Clayton Kendall Inc., they don’t have to go to several places to get their print material and other advertising materials. Using a Clayton Kendall store allows franchisees to do their shopping on a single website.

The company gives franchises brand cohesion because they don’t have so many vendors printing their branded materials. Plus, it’s also easier to control the spending, the CEO said. They have one login, one place to find everything they need and they know that everything there is going to be of similar quality.

“It’s far easier to manage one vendor than it would be to manage eight or nine,” Broudy pointed out.

The company has 120 employees at its Pittsburgh headquarters and also distributes out of Phoenix, AZ; Honolulu, HI; Toronto, ON Canada and Melbourne, Australia.

Clayton Kendall Inc. does much of its own in-house printing, the CEO said, including embroidery, screen printing, paper printing, laser engraving, signage, graphic design, as well as their own website development.

Its use of technology is actually the main differentiator between Clayton Kendall and their competition, Broudy said. The company employs in-house web developers, who customize each website for the individual client based on their needs. None of their technology is off-the-shelf.

Part of the reason everything is customized rather than just being off-the-shelf is so it can be modified easily based on the client’s feedback.  Customers often come up with ideas for the websites they use and the developers can adapt these websites easily to improve the customer experience. ”The process of perfecting a website based on client and customer feedback is a fascinating and enjoyable process,” Broudy said.

Bringing home the gold

  • 2015 – ASI (Ad Specialties Institute) Distributor of Distinction Award
  • 2014 – Small Business of the year for the state of Pennsylvania – Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • 2014 – One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Region – Pittsburgh Business Times
  • 2014 – One of the Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh Business Times
  • 2013 – One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Region – Pittsburgh Business Times
  • 2013 – Distributor of the Year – Three Rivers Advertising Specialty Association (TRASA)

Dan Broudy is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clayton Kendall Inc., a Pittsburgh based branded merchandise company. He uses his extensive industry experience to help clients manage their brand compliance, graphic design, print production, branded merchandise purchasing, and warehousing and fulfillment. Clayton Kendall provides customized websites with robust reporting features, which set the standard for technological excellence.

Founded in 1999, Clayton Kendall has grown from a small startup with 6 employees, to an award winning company with over 120 employees and five distribution centers (Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Honolulu, Toronto, and Melbourne, Australia).

Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis and received a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami.  He also spent a year at the London School of Economics, studying International Finance and Marketing.

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