Classic American Food and Wholesome Atmosphere Not a Thing of the Past

As the hamburger market continues to grow and evolve, one fast-casual diner concept is staying true to the original burger shop feel, Corbett’s Burgers and Soda Bar.

Corbett’s Burgers and Soda Bar will transport you back with a warm, family-friendly, old-fashioned touch, featuring fresh Hereford ground beef, hot dogs, homemade sauces and more than 250 varieties of bottled sodas.

“The core of our concept is based around bringing back good memories of times gone by. We wanted to create a wholesome place for friends and family to hang out and enjoy good food with a cold glass bottle of soda,” said Founder, Corbett Shope.

The success of this unique family-friendly concept has led to the launch of its national franchise opportunity.

“Corbett’s combines the quality and taste of an expensive burger franchise with the lower franchise costs and simplicity of a sandwich franchise,” said Michael Stadnicki, Chief Operating Officer and Partner of Franchise Edge.

Corbett’s has a streamlined system that pushes tremendous volumes during peak lunch and dinner periods. The order process with the point of sale is easy – the grill master continuously cooks burgers to keep up with the volume of customers and the sandwich stations prepare toppings based on customer requests.

Their proprietary system keeps things affordable while not sacrificing on quality. Their playful trademark, Sodalicious, sums up the food and beverage experience that customers love.

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