Clarissa Windham-Bradstock: Veteran Business Woman Changing the Way Families Access Health Care

Born to lead, Clarissa Windham-Bradstock specializes in making order out of chaos. The Chief Executive Officer of the national franchise Any Lab Test Now is equipped with the tools to run the nation’s first direct-access lab testing service while balancing life as a wife and mother.

The CEO’s success dates back to her teenage years when she first realized what it takes to lead.  Clarissa says, “I learned in high school, if there is a void in leadership, take over.  I started with the Key Club.”  Her first job was at age 14 at Dot’s Country Kitchen in Jasper, AL.  “I am very proud that the position actually started me on my career path, says Clarissa, I learned the importance of treating a team with respect and making the most of every day.”

In just a few years, Clarissa started attending Auburn University.  She studied hard and got her Bachelor of Arts in English and Speech Communication, then off to the business world.  First, she joined the hospitality industry.  She wasted no time moving up into management.   Clarissa says she enjoyed the level of energy and fell in love with business.  “I recognized the importance of allowing people to complement each other, a diverse team is better as a whole.”   

Clarissa did not waste much time moving up into the executive branch of the business world.  By age 26, she earned a Vice-President title at a startup point-of-sale company.  “The experience managing others, including men, helped me build the foundation I needed as my career continued to grow,” says Clarissa.  

After reaching success in small business technology, Clarissa migrated into the health care industry. She developed quite a name for herself as an executive, helping companies walk through integration.  “At InforCure I was the VP of Client Services working on the mergers and acquisition team.  The experience evaluating various business models, culture and financial plans serves as a great foundation for my current role with Any Lab Test Now,” Clarissa says.  

In 2007, one of Clarissa’s former bosses hired her at Any Lab Test Now.  As Chief Operating Officer, Clarissa worked diligently to help grow the brand.  Company investors recognized her value and appointed her acting CEO, before making her role permanent in 2014.  Among her many duties, she is responsible for strategic planning. It is her goal to increase franchising revenues while focusing on ways to keep the Any Lab Test Now engine running smoothly.

Clarissa enjoys playing a big role in the franchise community and encourages other women in the franchise business to do the same. “As a business owner you can feel isolated at times. Get involved with others in the franchise world; it can help you create a solid support team.”  Clarissa has served as a guest speaker at many franchise conferences and acquired important positions with the Southeastern Franchise Forum and the International Franchise Association Women Franchise Committee Atlanta chapter.  

Any Lab Test Now provides direct access health care to all of its customers.  In 1992, it opened in Atlanta as the first company to provide direct-to-consumer lab tests, ranging from clinical to paternity to drug and alcohol testing.  Any Lab Test Now guides patients to choices and empowers them to take control of their medical care.  “We are people oriented, versus transactional, “ says Clarissa.  “It’s all about the customer experience. We walk them through the testing process all the way to the delivery of the test results.”   Clarissa stresses Any Lab Test Now does not treat or diagnose.  It is always recommended to patients that they discuss their test results with their physician.  

Any Lab Test Now also offers convenience to its clientele.  Most locations are open six days a week. Customers are generally in and out in only 15 to 20 minutes.   The franchise locations now top 150.  Each one offers multiple types of lab tests, including but not limited to:     

  • Allergy, Sensitivity and Intolerance Tests
  • Clinical Blood Tests (all encompassing)
  • Hormone Tests
  • Diabetes Lab Tests
  • Drug & Alcohol Tests
  • Paternity & other DNA Tests
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrition Lab Tests

Now at the top of the corporate ladder, Clarissa also must juggle her family life.  She and her husband have four daughters, ages 12, 15, 20 and 23.  They contribute their experience to a blog focused on parenting.   Clarissa says she is always working to keep a balance.  “When working with franchisees, it’s important to be available when it’s convenient for them, but it’s also important to focus on special time with the family.  A sense of balance is critical.” 

About the Author: Nancy Bostrom is a PR Catalyst for 919 Marketing, a national marketing, PR and social media agency that creates and executes hard-hitting Social Relations™ programs on behalf of emerging and established franchise companies. Bostrom is a passionate, driven and energetic account executive.   For more than 20 years, Bostrom worked as a news producer for some of the top television news organizations in the country, including WSB in Atlanta and WFAA in Dallas. Bostrom helps franchise clients share national and local stories that increase franchise sales lead flow and in-store traffic for franchisees. As a member of the 919 Marketing team, Bostrom is part of a powerful collection of Emmy award winning journalists, nationally recognized marketing strategists, creative content marketing gurus and savvy digital marketing analysts who have proven experience delivering powerful, revenue generating results for emerging and established franchise brands.


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