Children’s Products and Services Future-Proof Franchising

Children’s products and services franchises show a lot of growth potential for budding business owners. From day care and tutoring services to sports and activity groups and baby supplies and toy stores, there are a wide range of franchise models catering to a healthy supply of enthusiastic little customers.

Birth rates may be on the decrease in the US according to national fertility research by the CDC, but it appears the demand for developmental children’s products and services are on the rise. While at first this might seem like a contradiction, the fact that people are having fewer children – often later in life after establishing careers and home ownership – means they are spending more on the one or two children they have. These parents are dedicated to supporting the future potential of their children and are keen to invest in extra-curricular activities to support their children’s needs.

Parents are also increasingly looking for ways to engage their kids in meaningful, healthy activities that will encourage development, socialization, and physical and mental fitness – particularly after a year of unprecedented isolation and inactivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aside from the health, wellbeing and developmental advantages for children that child-friendly franchises provide – and the peace of mind they offer parents – franchises that supply products and services for children come with many benefits for new franchisees who want to make a difference in the lives of young people while also running a successful and lucrative business.

Brand loyalty

When you join a franchise, the brand name is the most valuable asset you are purchasing with your investment. A reputable franchise brand name offers the new franchisee almost overnight brand recognition, taking the hard work out of years and years of reputation building. Many children’s franchises have a trusted and loyal following – and these are no fickle customers; they are parents who demand only the best products and services for their children.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) states that “franchise brands are seen as consistent, efficient and affordable.” According to IFA research, more than 70 percent of voters in a recent survey agreed that franchise brands:

    • provide consistency
    • create loyalty, trust and positive association
    • offer quality products and services
    • have products and services that are affordable.

If you are considering starting a business that offers services for children like day care, tutoring, sporting activities, musical tuition, or arts and crafts, for example, joining a well-established franchise provides instant brand recognition and a loyal following. The franchise name provides instant credibility – it’s simply up to you as the franchisee to maintain that brand loyalty by providing a quality service in line with the franchisor’s standards.

Community leadership

If building relationships in your community appeals to you, operating a child-friendly franchise is a great way to develop a rapport with decision makers, influencers and other business leaders in your neighborhood.

Child-friendly franchises can establish themselves as a trusted and supportive asset by getting involved in the sponsorship of local events or sporting teams, giving back to charities, or hosting special events like “getting to know you” open days.

Franchise businesses have a long-standing reputation for providing community support and acting as a trusted contributor to good causes on a small scale in their local area. According to the IFA survey, 72% of people surveyed agreed that local businesses are likely to be involved in improving their local community by assisting small groups such as local churches, charities, little league teams, and so on.

This kind of involvement can help franchisees make their mark on their community. And child-friendly franchises, like day care centers for example, offer an outstanding opportunity for franchisees to build these relationships and position themselves as key stakeholders and leaders in their community.

Inspiring the next generation

Many children’s franchise owners will tell you that the most rewarding part of their job is seeing smiles on little faces as they help their young customers grow, learn and achieve their goals while having fun and making friends.

Becoming a franchisee that supports the health and development of children requires dedication, commitment and a genuine care and concern for the wellbeing of children. Franchisees are often parents, or grandparents themselves, or any trusted member of the community who is comfortable working with children. Kids’ sports franchises are ideal for retired athletes or coaches; tutors are often university students or teachers looking for extra income; music, arts and crafts franchises provide a great side income for artists, musicians and anyone with a creative flair; while businesses that provide products like baby supplies or children’s toys offer a great franchise opportunity for retail-minded business owners.

By finding a franchise that suits your personal skills and interests, you will be able to build a business that not only provides a fun and friendly atmosphere for children, but also provides great job satisfaction for you as the franchisee.

A Word of Advice

We asked respected franchisors in the children’s products and services sector a simple question:

What advice would you give anyone thinking of becoming a franchisee in this sector?

“Put relationships at the heart of everything. This means prioritizing the fundamental building blocks of all good relationships – respect, commitment and trust. At Goddard, we are looking for small business owners who share our passion to make the world a better place through early childhood education, who want to be leaders in their communities, and who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.” – Dennis R. Maple, Chairman and CEO, Goddard Systems, Inc.

“There is unprecedented recognition that investing in high quality early education and childcare provides significant benefits to children, parents, employers and our economy, wherein lies tremendous opportunity for franchisees to enter a vital sector with considerable demand and growth potential. Further, franchisees have the opportunity to prepare America’s future workforce, helping children develop the foundation to become successful adults, while building a stable, successful business. Take time to research and truly understand the people, the culture, and the quality of the service or product to ensure you choose a brand that aligns with your values and delivers on its promise to the consumer.” – Jo Kirchner, CEO of Primrose Schools

Explore children’s products and services franchises

Not only are children’s service franchises a great business opportunity, they also offer an extremely rewarding career choice for the right franchisee. There are hundreds of franchising opportunities available throughout the United States with many experiencing a time of national expansion while actively seeking new franchisees to join their ranks. Explore our online franchise directory at

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