Caring Senior Service Launches Deferral and Rebate Program for New Franchisees

Caring Senior Service, one of the nation’s premiere non-medical in-home care companies has been leading the way in the senior care industry for twenty-five years and this year is no different.

Caring Senior Service just launched a groundbreaking deferral and rebate program for new franchisees. Furthermore, they are currently the only franchise in the nation with such a program. What exactly does this new program entail and what does it mean for potential owners?

For all new owners, the initial franchise fee of $35,000 will be deferred for 12 months. Once the owner is able to begin servicing clients, they will deduct $7,500 from the fee. Lastly, the owner’s gross billings in the first 12 months will determine the amount of the second rebate, and could even result in Caring Senior Service corporate paying them to open the business. For example:

  • $200,000 in gross earnings = $20,000 rebate
  • $300,000 in gross earnings= $25,000 rebate
  • $400,000 in gross earnings= $30,000 rebate
  • $500,000 in gross earnings= $35,000 rebate

Jeff Salter, founder of Caring Senior Service, is excited to offer this new program to potential owners and looks forward to all of the new trends the franchise world is experiencing.

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