Canadian Favorite Ben & Florentine Announces Franchise Opportunity in United States

MTY Franchising USA/Kahala Brands Joins Brunch Boom with New Breakfast-Focused Franchise

Ben & Florentine, a favorite breakfast and brunch restaurant in Canada, is going south of the border. The hot spot known for artful, delicious twists on breakfast classics, is pleased to announce its franchise opportunity is now available in the United States. Since opening its first location a decade ago, Ben & Florentine has become an innovator in the Canadian breakfast market. While each of the 55+ locations have always offered traditional morning favorites, the full-service restaurant has garnered an enthusiastic fan base through its reputation for creative and fine-dining quality menu items. Now, MTY/Kahala Brands is bringing the delectable food and scalable business model stateside.

Kahala Brands Vice President of Franchise Development, Jay Goldstein, is leading U.S. franchise sales and growth of Ben & Florentine. With the immense popularity of breakfast and brunch in the country, he anticipates a strong introduction in the U.S. Some highlights of the franchise opportunity that has already piqued the interest of entrepreneurs include a strong a support system, ties to the community, customer base built for social and an enviable work-life balance. The breakfast brand is initially targeting bigger markets along the east coast, with special attention to development in Florida. Just like American snowbirds, many retirees in Canada spend their winters in Florida, so there is already brand recognition in the Sunshine State.

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