It’s All the Buzz: The Sociallybuzz App

After four successful years of providing franchises and small business owners with the tools and skills needed to finesse their social media presence and reputation, Sociallybuzz is now launching something even more powerful: The Sociallybuzz App.

Sociallybuzz was founded in 2009 by Andre Kay (CEO), and born to fill a necessary niche. Prior to launching the business, Kay owned and operated another marketing company that focused on outdoor advertising with billboards and other campaigns. A major service offered through this company was social media management. During this time however, social media was not the marketing monster it is today, but nonetheless clients quickly caught on to the power behind the buttons. With a growing interest from clients as to how Kay was managing sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, this interest was the driving force behind launching Sociallybuzz.

“I did a lot of research on the marketing industry, and got to understand how to be at the forefront of social media,” says Kay. “It’s an ever changing market and it took a lot of time and investigation to position Sociallybuzz where it is today.”

Sociallybuzz exists to help franchises grow using social media. This is done by improving brand awareness, increases sales and revenue, and building a social community. Sociallybuzz is able to accomplish these goals by reaching relevant customers, building customer loyalty, and managing the company’s reputation. “Sociallybuzz aims to protect relationships with customers, create effective campaigns, and manage social media for franchises 24/7,” Kay explains. Today Sociallybuzz services around 100 brands a month, which works out to be approximately 500 locations.

Gearing up to release its latest proprietary development this month, the software is a powerful, intelligent and easy-to-use iOS app that supports social networks and reputation management. Designed to provide business owners with a better and easier way to manage multiple social channels from their phone: “There is nothing like this out there,” says Kay, adding, “Business owners won’t need to log onto their computer to see what is going on online.”

The Sociallybuzz App is the only app in the new media marketplace that manages Yelp, Google Places, Urbanspoon and Facebook within one dashboard. Therefore, business owners now have real-time accessibility to customer engagement that allows for capitalizing on positive comments or defusing negative comments through social media. The Sociallybuzz App protects relationships with customers, manages social networks and online reputation on the go.

“As a result of our four years of servicing clients, and in addition to our market knowledge, we have developed an iOS app that fills a void in the marketplace that supports social and online reputation management,” says Kay. “Reputation management is an increasingly important component of managing customer experience and brand engagement.”

While millions of consumers leave responses for restaurants, QSRs, franchises, bars, nightclubs and retail stores daily, the Sociallybuzz App solves the current problem of businesses’ not having mobile access to monitor reviews or comments. In turn, this will increase customer engagement- a make or break with many businesses in today’s market.

The Sociallybuzz App turns tedious communication into a matter of clicks. For example, once a franchisee logs into the app on their phone, they select their location and in front of them will appear their Facebook, Yelp!, Urban Spoon and Google Places accounts. From here they can see who is talking about them, choose to read messages, respond to a comment, or create a post. If the business owner is anticipating a busy day, they can simply choose to schedule posts for certain times. Furthermore, if the owner can’t think of what to say in the post, the app has them covered with a powerful feature that allows users to select from pre-made custom savvy messages. “If it’s a restaurant the owner just has to select so, choose a topic like lunch specials, snap a shot or select an image, and they’re good to go,” Kay explains, adding, “It’s so easy to use. You don’t have to think about it when you use it. It just works.”

Another unique feature the app focuses on is responding to customer reviews and comments. “Owners either not responding, or responding negatively, can cause trouble for the business,” Kay says. With the app franchisees will be notified immediately as someone leaves a review. “Imagine if a customer posts a negative review and the manager could catch that person before they even walk out the door to fix the problem. The app provides real-time solutions,” he adds.

The app also aims to protect business owners from responding negatively to any feedback they may receive. “Franchisees are often tied to their business, it’s their baby, and they sometimes get defensive when someone has something negative to say,” Kay says. Buzzprotect is an added feature to protect business owners from replying to reviews with messages that they might later regret. “When users reply on the social media site, the app asks if they really want to post it, and counts down 12 seconds before asking again. It’s a double security feature,” Kay says.

These are not the only features the app will be offering, Sociallybuzz has plenty up its sleeve and will be releasing more features over the next few months. Franchisees of Domino’s Pizza, Jamba Juice and other multi-unit restaurants are currently a few of the top brand users of The Sociallybuzz App.

The Sociallybuzz App is available for download in the iOS App store under the name Sociallybuzz. Businesses must visit to sign up for a plan before downloading the app for free on their iOS 5, 6 or 7 iPhone. The standard plan is priced at $24.99 per month and provides management of multiple social networks, operate online reputation, easy message scheduling, and real-time review alerts.

The second plan is a premium option priced at $99 per month. This plan includes everything in the standard plan, plus a virtual account manager. A virtual account manager provides more enticing responses with correct grammar, spelling and creative writing. Virtual account managers also help businesses set-up, unlock and claim their social channels. Both plans include a 30-day free trial with many more features releasing soon. The third plan, which will be released in the coming months, will be tailored to businesses with over 1,000 locations

As the number one social media management, campaign and reputation agency in its fourth year of operation, Sociallybuzz is only just getting started. “We have a lot more coming up,” Kay says, “But right now we’re in a good place to introduce the app to the world.”

-Jessica Spoto

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