Business Franchising Opportunities By Franchise Growth Partners

Helping Maximize the Potential of Your Business Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Growth Partners (FGP) is a one-of-a-kind management consulting firm. Our professional services provide new and emerging franchisors looking to franchise a business with a comprehensive platform which includes consulting, legal, training and an array of essential support services to help maximize the potential of their franchise and business opportunities.

Our philosophy is based on an authentic ownership of business franchise opportunities and  experience gained through a history of formation, operations and acquisition of franchise and business opportunities.


If you’re looking to franchise a business, FGP will prepare your high level strategic plan, your tactical business operations plan detailing the day- to-day activities of training and supporting franchisees, and a financial plan calculating the initial and ongoing costs of marketing, selling, and operating a profitable franchise company. Without this necessary business planning when looking at a franchise business opportunity, your Franchise Disclosure Document will be deficient before it is drafted.

Legal Documentation

FGP has partnered with expert franchise attorneys to draft Franchise Disclosure Documents, Franchise Agreements, and Area Development Agreements at a pre-negotiated and affordable fixed rate so all the bases are covered when you start a new franchise business opportunity.

Training Certification

FGP offers the following stage-appropriate management skills training programs at an affordable cost based on a “pay as you grow” basis:

  • Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Franchise Sales training
  • Franchise Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • CEO Leadership Development
  • Support Services (Optional)

FGP has developed seven critical operational divisions that provide strategic value to our franchisors. Clients benefit from our highly standardized services to grow their brand without investing capital on additional office space and employees.

  • Commercial Leasing Services (Site selection, lease negotiation, and legal review)
  • Franchisee Funding Franchise Operations System (Web-based)
  • Franchise Operations Manuals
  • Marketing/Sales Support
  • Brand Development Services (Website, franchise brochures, etc.)
  • Accounting Services (all 50 states)

Call us at 800-471-1682 for our 2-Hour Free Consultation.

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