Brightway Insurance

New Franchise Ownership

Sell More. Retain More. Earn More.


It’s simple, really.

In the insurance agency business, the amount of time you can dedicate to sales—instead of service—determines in part how successful you can be.

Brightway has reinvented the insurance agency to maximize growth and profit.

You sell. We service. Our centralized Customer Service team fields an average of 1,000 calls and processes over 1,600 policy changes each day. And, we handle over 600 renewal outbound calls each month, increasing retention for you.

As a Brightway Agent, you’ll join a family of agencies across the country that represent the best markets available, offering customers a wide choice of carriers known for superior products and best-in-class claims service.

Brightway was founded in 2008. Lead today by David Miller, Chairman and Co-Founder and Michael Miller, Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder and President Talman Howard, Brightway reinvented the insurance agency model.

A traditional Insurance Agent must: Brightway agents:
Sell new policies Focus on selling new policies
Servicing existing policies  
Negotiate contracts with carriers to represent  
Research and invest in technology  
Build their agency’s brand  

The rest – servicing existing policies, negotiating contracts, finding technology that works, and building the brand – are handled centrally.

In fact, because of their focus on sales of new policies, Brightway agents consistently outsell traditional Independent Agents.

It’s why we say, with Brightway, it’s simple: Sell more. Retain more. Earn more.

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