Boulder Designs Franchisor Promises to Work Hard for Franchisees

Some life lessons come the hard way and thats exactly the way that Boulder Designs owner Butch Mogavero built his own success story. 

After a rough childhood and basically raising himself in his single-parent household, the franchisor moved out when he was just 15 years old to strike off on his own. However, Mogavero was as fortunate as he was hard working.

When he was just 20, he was working in a Rainbow International carpet cleaning business that was about to go under. The then-owner convinced Mogavero to purchase it, paying it off in instalments.

That franchise did well and the young Mogaveros performance running it caught the eye of the late Don Dwyer, then-owner of The Dwyer Group, which owns the Rainbow International brand.

Dwyer moved him into the the head office of The Dwyer Group in Waco, TX and Mogavero learned a lot about franchising from his time there, going from a sales position to vice-president of sales at the company.

From there, he became interested in curbing and started a successful landscaping business. He then  saw the potential in the Boulder Designs concept and purchased that company just a few months ago.

Having endured a rather harsh upbringing that involved overcoming many obstacles, Mogavero knows the kind of hard work it takes to succeed and he wants future Boulder Designs franchisees to know that he will continue to work hard for them, too. 

I pretty much built everything I have on my own and worked hard for it, and that will continue on with Boulder Designsfranchisees,he said during a recent interview with Franchising USA magazine.  

Rock Solid

Headquartered in Waco, Boulder Designs builds solid, man-made boulders from the ground up with a combination of sand and concrete mixture. They are meant to be as close to a real, natural boulder as possible and can be used for a variety of purposes. Mostly, the boulders are used for company signage.  

While Mogavero just recently purchased the company, its actually been around since 2008 and together with a curbing company Mogavero owns Border Magic currently has around 96 franchisees. 

Although he had a rough childhood himself, Mogavero prefers his franchisees to be well-established. Most franchisees that find their way to Boulder Designs are people who are tired of their corporate careers and who are looking for more freedom in their lives.

And franchising has certainly afforded Mogavero a lot of freedom throughout his life, with the franchisor pointing out that he and his wife have been able to take an active role in their childrens lives, including coaching them in the various sports and other activities theyve been involved in.

Another aspect of franchising that Mogavero likes is that the amount of money one makes is dependent on how hard one works. In a lot of other careers, the Boulder Designs owner said, a person will hit a ceiling at their position and will be unable to earn more money regardless of how hard they work. But, being a franchisee means being in control of how much one makes, Mogavero said. 

Boulder Designs has lots of territories available right across the country, he noted, just waiting for hard working franchisees to make them successful.

Franchisees who are interested in Boulder Designs should like working with people, Mogavero said. They dont need past experience in any certain area, as the franchise has a system developed that allows anyone to master it in a short amount of time.

Although its not necessary for the franchisees to work outside, someone who enjoys being outside would especially enjoy the business. In addition to the uniqueness of its product, Boulder Designs offers a unique way to get into business ownership.  

While many other franchises will require a leap of faith into full business ownership, franchisees can transition into business ownership at their own pace with Boulder Designs, Mogavero said. 

Its common for Boulder Designs franchisees to keep another full-time job and slowly transition into running the franchise on a full-time basis, he said, allowing them to become business owners at their own pace .

One person can effectively run a Boulder Designs, meaning it can be just an owner-operator outfit unless a franchisee opts to expand it into a larger business with employees.

We have a much easier transition than most franchises,the business owner said.

Learning to Succeed

Training is at the companys corporate headquarters in Waco and consists of four days of hands on training about how to make the boulders, how to conduct sales and how to market the product. 

After that, franchisees go home and set up their shops. Boulder Designs supports them throughout that process and will go to their location if necessary.

Most guys find they are able to get going right away with the tools we give them during that initial four-day training,Mogavero said.

With a franchisor who has had first-hand experience overcoming obstacles in their corner, Boulder Designs franchisees are poised right from the start for success.





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