Blending Navy Experiences to Boost Success in Franchising

As a Navy veteran, Brandon Grigsby yearned to find a new career that provided flexibility for a work-life balance. Becoming his own boss was an easy transition, as he works under a brand that fits his lifestyle and allows him to weave in skill sets that he adopted from his time serving in the United States Navy. Carrying over his training has positively impacted his success as he recently acquired a new career path as an owner and operator of an America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP) franchise.

From Serving to Swimming Pools

Grigsby recently retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer from the United States Navy after serving 23 years. During that time, he had earned a Humanitarian Aid Medal and Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal and continues to focus on community and giving back. With 23 years in the books and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Colombia Southern University and an Associate Degree in Computer Science from Grantham University, Brandon was eager to seek out his next career venture. As it came time to plant roots to grow his family and a business, Grigsby and his wife chose Port St. Lucie, Florida as a new place to call home. There, both himself and his wife, Mary, started their business with America’s Swimming Pool after stumbling upon the brand through the VetFran program. Through ASP’s nationally recognized pool service training program, they became Certified Pool Operators and learned everything they need to know to grow their business.  

The Navy’s key to professional growth is to push you outside of your comfort zone until you develop the skills and experience that make you comfortable, then step up to the next level and repeat. Brandon was ready for just that as he transitioned to the pool service industry. Calling the shots became appealing even with long hours invested in getting his business up and running, but being his own boss meant granting himself permission to take an afternoon off and get ice cream with his wife and daughter.  

Incorporating Naval Experience or Skills into Franchising

Purchased in 2016 with expectation to retire from the Navy, the Grigsby’s owned their very own ASP location. After seeking out a promotion for seven years, the offer to move up in the ranks from Chief Petty Officer (E-7) to E-8 was presented and was an opportunity he could not pass up. Working out a plan with America’s Swimming Company to hold the contract made both dreams possible. Brandon and Mary opened their doors to service the Port St. Lucie community with their location in February of 2020. Something that drew Grigsby to own an ASP franchise was the 99% success rate. With a high-income potential and low startup costs, America’s Swimming Pool Company was the only option he considered. Some might say it is the Veteran in him, but he would rather be up and active than stationed behind a cubicle all day. It is a job he felt gave him the responsibility to lead employees, but still have a strong company that could support him.

Keeping an on-the-go lifestyle is not the only parallel between the Navy and franchising with ASP. Focusing on the team mentality of building out a family rather than a business made franchising with ASP seem familiar. Franchising allows leadership roles to emerge while teaming up with the brand for structure and support. This allows for the franchisee and brand to lean on each other to grow a successful pool service location. Similar to achieving any goal, it takes time and training to succeed. Starting off with ASP, Brandon took a liking to the in-depth pool school training that prepared him and his wife to get the ball rolling as they took action on their next career. Brandon recognized the potential with ASP back in 2016 when purchasing his location and continues to be impressed by their ongoing efforts to support franchisees. He believes the corporate staff has been such a great asset to the success of his business. The three years after purchasing the location was beneficial, as ASP incorporated new tools that assisted franchisees even further. Still in the beginning months of their location opening, Grigsby is looking to the future as he plans to grow the business and seeks out plenty of room for expansion both north and south of his current location.

As one career door closed, another opened, and Brandon found a new passion – pools. The opportunity not only provides a fast lifestyle, which enticed Brandon to the industry, but also allows him to be his own boss and allocate time to grow his family. While the Port St. Lucie location has only been open for a short period of time, Brandon was already able to bring in impressive revenue and hire his first employee. He knew America’s Swimming Pool Company was the right choice for him when he picked up the phone and received fantastic support in every aspect from the business.

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