Bathroom Remodeling: Creating an Effortless Experience

Re-Bath is the leading bathroom remodeling franchise for a reason: they offer full bathroom remodels with design, quality products and installation when, typically, these services are handled by different companies. Re-Bath is the only company to streamline the bathroom remodeling process in this way, creating an effortless experience for customers and franchisees alike.

Re-Bath bathroom remodeling services include:

  • Free Design Service

    Re-Bath’s design consultants work with customers to craft a design – from traditional to contemporary – that completely transforms their space into a bathroom they love.

  • Quality Materials

    Re-Bath offers a wide selection of the highest quality materials, including its own brand of wall surrounds called DuraBath™ and Durabath™ natural stone.

  • Professional Installation

    Re-Bath’s technicians handle every aspect of the remodel — from removal to installation — in just a few days.

The Re-Bath website even provides customers with an interactive “bathroom visualizer.” This sophisticated online design tool gives customers an engaging and interactive way to better imagine the bathroom of their dreams.

The company’s one-stop-shop approach appeals to everyone from first-time homebuyers to veteran homeowners, and the numbers say it all.

One Re-Bath location averages nearly six times the amount an independent contractor makes in revenue. And thanks to the franchise’s sales- and marketing-focused business model, Re-Bath franchisees with territories of 500,000 in population or more report a whopping average revenue of $2,123,537* per territory and are well-known across the United States with a presence in 43 states.

Re-Bath is Well-Loved by the Market’s Highest Spenders

Baby boomers are the home renovation industry’s top customers, making up one-third or more of the market. And, the demand for home improvement services increases as more and more baby boomers choose to age in place in the comfort of their homes.

“Aging in place” is a phrase used to describe an aging person, typically 55 years of age or older, living in a residence of their choice for as long as they’re able. Many of those who fall into this group will soon need to update their bathrooms, seeing as it’s one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for this aging class.

Baby boomer bathroom renovation trends include:

  • Replacing bathtubs with walk-in showers
  • Discreetly adding safety rails inside the shower
  • Widening doorways to fit wheel chairs
  • Raising toilets for easier transitions from wheel chairs

Many baby boomers turn to Re-Bath because the franchise’s bathroom designs are not only safe and accessible but comfortable, sleek and modern, too.

Set Yourself Up for the Same Success

Re-Bath uses a sales- and marketing-focused business model. That means there’s a strong emphasis on teaching franchisees the benefits of hiring experienced and professional sales representatives and allocating a large chunk of their budget toward effective marketing and advertising efforts.

Franchisees never even have to pick up a hammer to run their business because the Re-Bath ownership role is focused on growth strategies and business development. Franchisees receive extensive training on both short- and long-term risk management. Plus, they have access to comprehensive training tools, advanced business management systems and a complete library of ready-made marketing materials.

The franchise also manufactures and supplies franchisees with the majority of necessary materials to run their business. That means franchisees only need to order what’s necessary to complete the job at hand – and for wholesale prices – keeping costs down and margins up. It even minimizes the need for ample warehouse space.

Support Supplements Success

Matt Croteau has been a Re-Bath franchisee in Nebraska for more than a decade. He said, “Having a network of owners was invaluable in the beginning. I could not have done it without the help of others who had been doing it for years.”

Sean Senno and Mark Pietros franchised with Re-Bath together. The two-year franchisees own locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They say they chose Re-Bath because of its streamlined operational processes and unmatched franchisee support.

Senno said, “We are process-driven people, and upon researching, we found Re-Bath has many proven processes. This is something we did not have running our own businesses,” he continued, “The support is amazing. They have people that specialize in each aspect of the business, so if you ever need specific support, you can rest assured you are talking with an expert.”

Others chose the bathroom remodeling company because they wanted to take control of their lives, enjoy more flexibility with their schedule and spend more quality time with family.

“The Re-Bath franchisee network is a great group of people. And the best part of owning a Re-Bath franchise is the ability to work with my sons,” said Lori Grover, a nine-year franchisee in Michigan.

After more than 40 years perfecting the bathroom remodeling sales and installation process, Re-Bath franchise owners have installed over a million bathrooms in the United States. Re-Bath is looking for franchise owners with a passion for business to join their team of unstoppable franchisees; no contracting experience necessary.

To learn more about franchising with Re-Bath, visit

*Based on Re-Bath Franchise Disclosure Document, 2018 FDD, Item 19 for franchisees with a Territory Population Size of 500,000 or more.

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