Advantaclean Proud Supporter of Military Veterans

With proven processes and a highly structured business model, owning an AdvantaClean franchise is a great fit for individuals with military training. A large number of our most successful offices are owned and operated by military veterans.

Take for example, Barry Hintz, US Army Transportation Corps Officer 1986-1992, Gulf War veteran, one year as AdvantaClean franchise owner, Milwaukee, WI. His military background has helped him in the following ways: discipline to get the job done, organization and planning to prioritize his daily and strategic tasks, and leadership abilities to instruct and motivate his employees to do AdvantClean

Hiring vets has helped Barry’s franchise in many ways: Veterans are mission oriented, Veterans can make decisions when he is not around, Veterans can succeed under adverse conditions, and put the mission above themselves when required.

Barry is seen here in the picture with fellow franchisees:

Justen Jubb, US Marine Corps Sergeant, 1998-2004, Iraq War veteran, one year with AdvantaClean franchise and Mike Peterson, US Marin Corps reserves Lance Corporal, 2010-current, three months with AdvantaClean franchise.

We invite you to learn more about the AdvantaClean franchise program and thank you for your service to our great country. Additionally, we do offer a number of discounts to new franchisees who are military veterans including participating in the IFA VetFran program offering a 10 percent discount, a value  of up to $10,000 off the initial franchise fee to qualifying men and women of our armed forces.

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