Aamco’s Husband and Wife Team Receive Accolades for Outstanding Achievements

Thomas and Ronda Scott recently became the largest franchise owners in the AAMCO system to date, following the purchase of seven centers in Oklahoma City.

In addition to these seven units, the Scotts own two AAMCO locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which they purchased three years ago.

Without any previous automotive background, the husband-and-wife team has received various accolades for their outstanding achievements from the company, including bottom line improvement, customer service and performance since their start with the brand in 2013.

The Scotts’ success is built on morale – they strive to instill a strong work ethic in their nearly 50 employees and deliver superior customer service at all of their locations. The Scotts are looking forward to continuing to serving new and existing customers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City for many years to come.


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