45th Year Innovations for Industry Leader

Launched on June 19, 1972, Our Town America, the nation’s leading New Mover Direct Mail Marketing franchise, is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.  CEO Michael Plummer, the Our Town America corporate staff, and each of the more than 50 Our Town America franchisees around the country are proud of the company’s 45 years of growth and success.   

The entire Our Town America franchise family is joining forces to celebrate in style by introducing a brand new 45th anniversary edition Welcome Package envelope and gift certificate.

While the core concept of connecting new families with local businesses has remained the same since inception, the program itself has evolved to the technologically innovated leader it is today.  Additions of digitally tracked certificates, highly refined targeting down to the demographic specific to the business, and even POS integration for brands, have enabled Our Town America to stay at the forefront of their industry while keeping their core values and mission the same.  So now, they say, it’s time that their look reflects the innovations. 

This new 45th anniversary edition Welcome Package envelope (pictured above) possess a sleek, classy and professional look custom-built to help all Our Town America clients make an even bigger impression on new movers in 2017.

And speaking of gift-giving, Our Town America is celebrating its own birthday by giving back to new clients who become sponsors in 2017 – offering the first month of services for free and reducing the one-time set up fee to just $45.

The Our Town America team is excited to make 2017 their best year yet…and they can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in the next 45 years!


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