4 Types Of Coffee Makers Every Coffee Lover Would Adore

Every coffee lover knows that there is nothing better than the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The satisfaction of having the first sip of a good cup of coffee in the morning is unmatchable. When brewing your coffee, there are a few things that you should consider, such as the beans, their ground method, the amount and temperature of water and milk, getting the perfect ratios, and of course, the type of coffee maker. Although it plays a huge role in the taste, quality, and integrity of your coffee, many people tend to pay very little consideration to the type of coffee maker that they use.

Investing in the right type of coffee maker can help you get a quality, a good cup of coffee each time; it can guarantee that your coffee hits refined and pronounced coffee notes, full flavor, and the perfect brew temperature. Here are 4 types of coffee makers that every coffee lover would adore.

1.Auto-Drip Coffee Maker

Entirely automated, with the Auto-Drip Coffee Maker, you will not have to worry about making the perfect cup of coffee each morning. All you need to do is add your water and grounds and let the machine brew the coffee to perfection as you go on about your morning routine. Auto-Drip Coffee Makers use the boiling water’s steam to steep the coffee grounds. This coffee maker ensures that your coffee is smooth and will not be overcooked nor bitter. This is because it has coffee concentrate filters right above the coffee carafe.

This coffee maker is optimal because it also allows you to make coffee in large batches- and bitterness will not be of any concern, in that case. An Auto-Drip Coffee Maker is relatively affordable and can brew several cups at the same time. If you are willing to pay a few extra bucks for a newer model, you may be able to find ones that offer programmable features, such as automatic shutoff and time-brewing.

2.Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee that’s low in acidity? A cold brew coffee maker can give you just that; coarse coffee grounds are steeped for several hours, or even overnight, with room temperature water. Sure, you can get the canned version at grocery stores; however, nothing beats brewing your coffee. Brewing your coffee for several hours may sound like a stretch; though, it’s a small price to pay for a heavenly cup of coffee.

Besides, the resulting concentrate can last in the fridge for up to two weeks. This is because it maintains its integrity and flavor and is stronger than your average hot-brew coffee method. A French press can be used to steep your coarse coffee grounds overnight, as well. Though, a cold brew coffee maker- whether it is manual or automatic- is designed to make the process much easier.

3.Siphon Coffee Maker

Vacuum pressure coffee makers have existed for years; though, it wasn’t until the year 1840 when the French Marie Fanny Amelne Massot curated the first commercial Siphon, coffee maker. As complex as it looks, a Siphon coffee maker resembles a commercial espresso machine rather than a household coffee maker, as it is mostly found in coffee shops. Either way, if you are quite a coffee enthusiast, you might find this type of coffee maker interesting. Also, a coffee maker that looks more like lab equipment can surely make you feel rather sophisticated.

The Siphon coffee maker uses a heat-induced vacuum to brew coffee, moving the air coming from the hot water up to the coffee grounds. As soon as all the water has been evaporated and then condensed into the upper bowl, the coffee is steeped and stirred for nearly a minute. The negative pressure then vacuums the coffee down through a filter and into the lower bowl.


Coffee connoisseurs have long loved using air pressure to make their coffee; with an Aeropress machine, you will be able to make several low-in-acidity and smooth cups of coffee. Since this brewing method is very popular, there is an incredible availability of numerous recipes that explore the use of different temperatures and coffee grind sizes. Not only that, but they also experiment with different AeroPress methods! For one, you can invert your AeroPress machine to allow your coffee grounds to steep longer in hot water.

Coffee lovers understand the joy that a perfectly brewed cup of coffee can bring. For coffee enthusiasts, the morning coffee cup can either make or break their day. This is why they always search for ways that will help them achieve the ideal cup of coffee. This is why we gathered 4 types of coffee makers that we believe they’ll love.

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