1heart Caregiver Services Poised for Growth Amid Pandemic

Throughout the months of COVID-19 restrictions, and the heroic work of healthcare professionals nationwide, 1Heart Caregiver Services has remained diligent and consistent in providing quality care for its elderly clients. The non-medical, in-home care company serves seniors by helping them with daily needs in a safe and protected environment. The Southern California-based company has stepped up in safely serving the vulnerable population during the pandemic and is looking to expand to new cities throughout the West Coast and eventually nationwide to keep seniors safe.

The need for senior care has been rising even before the pandemic, with the baby boomer population continuing to age and the overall increase in cognitive disorders among the elderly. Currently, every 66 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and this number is expected to increase.The pandemic period has shown a significant increase in anxiety, fear and cognitive disorder among seniors. These factors alone have led to the increased need in senior care, and the ongoing pandemic has pushed many Americans to turn to professionals to take care of their loved ones who are living alone and in need of assistance.

“Now more than ever, people are worried about the safety of their elderly loved ones,” said Belina Calderon-Nernberg, Founder and CEO of 1Heart Caregiver Services. “Everyone has their own reasons to invest in caregiving services. Right now, we are seeing a lot of success because people know that we can take care of their loved ones in a safe and efficient manner.”

1Heart’s broad range of services include: Companionship, Home Care, In-Home Care, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, Stroke Care, Parkinson’s Care, 24-hour care, and more. In addition, 1Heart’s “Caregiver University” has trained approximately 2,200 caregivers in Southern California since 2011. All caregivers are state-licensed, trained, have had vigorous background checks, and undergo continuous evaluations.

To augment the company’s growth and improve the lives of individuals across the country, 1Heart Caregiver Services is currently seeking out single-unit operators, multi-unit franchisees, and area representatives. The brand is focused on expanding specifically on the West Coast but is eyeing markets across the country. 

1Heart currently has seven locations open throughout California and Nevada, with new franchise units opening up in San Francisco and Newport Beach in July. The brand plans to have 25 franchise locations open or in development by the end of 2021. Including an initial franchise fee of $47,500, the investment range to open a 1Heart Caregiver Services is $88,000-$128,000.

“As we expand to new communities, we look forward to improving the lives of both our clients and their families,” added Calderon-Nernberg. “We see 1Heart as a family of its own and we are excited to invite more franchisees and caregivers into our community to better the lives of people nationwide.”


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